Well, I’m bored

For awhile today I thought I might be coming down with some sort of flu bug but, thank goodness, I was wrong. Maybe it was just a culmination of too many days in a row with too little sleep, thanks to the pain from the pulled muscles in my rib cage. Fortunately three and a half hours of napping seems to have done the trick. Unfortunately, it’s left me not quite tired enough to go to sleep yet.

But I imagine when I do, it will be another adventure.

Why? Because I tend to have extremely weird dreams. I can’t remember much about the second one this afternoon, but I was hiding in a huge hole that was being excavated by a friend. A friend that was helping to shield me from ‘the bad guys.’ Not unusual kind of dream for me because something as insignificant as a slightly scary movie trailer can give me nightmares. In this instance, though, I can’t recall anything remotely close to frightening happening that might have set this dream in motion.

My first one of the day wasn’t scary at all though. I was sitting at a counter with one of my uncles, slicing potatoes, and feeling annoyed with whoever peeled them because they hadn’t gotten all the peel off. And then suddenly I just I got up, potato in hand, and laid down on the floor, using the veggie for a pillow.

Pretty sad when you’re so tired you dream about napping while you’re napping. And a little annoying, too, because you’d think you would benefit from two naps in one, but you don’t.

Hopefully, when I go to bed in a little while, I won’t dream at all. Well, maybe I could dream about Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I wouldn’t mind that. Or Bruce Willis. That would be okay, too. Something that will leave me smiling when I open my eyes, instead of jolting awake from terror, or scratching my head and wondering what that was all about.

I tend to think I wind up in The Twilight Zone because my imagination is always working, even when I finally nod off for the night. And some nights I really wish it would take a little vacation, because I think I’d be more rested if I wasn’t ‘watching’ whatever was going on in my head while I’m asleep.

But, as my sister is so fond of saying, it is what it is. And I find that I am now ready for about ten hours sleep. Of course I know it will be closer to six, but hey, I can always dream…

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