I have spent a good portion of the past two days doing what I should have been doing the past couple of weeks, after writer’s block found me and decided to stick around awhile.  At least as far as one particular book goes.   I think it was able to sneak up on me because, in my heart, I really wanted to be working on something else.

Normally I’m very good about finishing what I start, just not this time.

I believe it’s due to the fact that,  at some point during the past few years, I seem to have become quite charmed by a genre I never expected to develop an interest in.  And for the past two  years I’ve kind of played around with plot ideas and building a character list for something I kind of thought I might want to write.  In fact, I went so far as to write a couple of bare bones chapters and the prologue.

But that’s as far as it went.

I think my brain just needed some time to mull everything over.  To pull it out occasionally, ponder what I already had, and give some thought to the whys behind the story.  I knew I needed some questions answered.  Because, until they were, there really was no sense in moving forward.

The best way I can explain what I mean is to use this example.  Let’s say you take time off work, pack your bags and jump in your car to take off on vacation.  The only problem is, you didn’t decide on a destination, much less the route you’ll take to get there, so you don’t know which way to turn when you pull out of your driveway.

Writing is a lot like that dilemma.   If you don’t know where your characters and plot are going, you’re not going to know what to do in order to reach ‘the end.’

Now that all seems to have fallen into place.  Mostly.  But I’m at the point now where it’s time to meet, and get to know, my characters.  And that’s going to be a challenge.  Why?   Well…there will be four very major players in this tale, but there are also going to be eighteen more who have very large roles.  And a fair number of extras  who, while not nearly as important to the plot, are still necessary to round everything out.

So as you can see, it’s just a little overwhelming.

Anyway,  that’s what I’ve been working on the past couple of days.  That and the chapter outline for the first book in this trilogy.

Did I mention that I also need to research what the lifestyle was like several decades ago?  No?  Well…there is that, too.

But you know what?  These things are all on my list of favorite things about writing.  Yes, sometimes I know it will feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but for the most part, I’m going to love every second of it.

On a side note, I honestly, truly, sincerely hate mosquitoes…

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