Please, do not feed the mosquitoes!

Okay, I accept the fact that I’m probably going to make some enemies by saying this but…I can’t wait until winter gets here!  I honestly do not remember another summer when I’ve had so many mosquito bites and, frankly, if I wanted to donate this much blood, I’d head on over to the Red Cross.  As it is, if this keeps up, I may have to drop by there anyway because I’ll be needing a blood transfusion!

I wish I knew what it was about me that attracts them, because I’d certainly do whatever I could to rectify it.  But they’ve always seemed to favor me over anyone I’m near.

Find that hard to believe?

I think most people do, until they experience it for themselves.  I used to walk on these pretty, paved paths through a wooded area at the park with a few other ladies.  Well, ‘used to walk’ is kind of exaggerating.  I walked with them a few times before I threw in the towel and gave up.  Why?  Because mosquito repellents didn’t deter the little bloodsuckers at all.  Neither did dryer sheets,  vinegar water, or anything else I could find to try.  Nope, I’d finish the walks looking like I had the measles.

But this summer feels like those woods have moved to my house.  Inside my house!  And I think they must have joined a union and organized.  As God is my witness, I went to the grocery store the other day with twin mosquito bites…on either side of my face, about an inch from the corners of my eyes.  That was an interesting site.

So, hate me if you must.  I really do want to see an end to summer.  Throw tomatoes at me if it makes you feel better.  Wait!  Throw snowballs instead.  Aim for the mosquitoes that are presently feeding off me like a buffet. 🙂

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