Well, I finally did it…

A couple of Christmases ago I decided I needed to find a new hair stylist.  Bad timing, I know, but I have a lot of hair.  It’s not just long, it’s really thick.  And if I don’t put some effort into it, I can have a sort of Bozo thing going on.  So with my family holiday party looming, I decided it was time to tame things down just a bit.

‘Just a bit’ translated into more hair on the floor than was left on my head though, and I cried off and on for days…but only when trying to learn to use a flat iron.  Because let me tell you, thick hair without any weight to help pull it down gives new meaning to ‘bad hair day.’

It took me about a year and a half before I worked up the courage to go back.  I liked the stylist and thought maybe if I explained what it was that I wanted a little more clearly, I might have better luck.


She remembered my phone call after the first disaster, thanking her for ruining my Christmas (she had caller I.D., darn it!).

But we got past it (I thought), and I sat down in the chair for the second time.  She starts running her fingers through my hair, lifting it up and sighing.  Then she said, ‘You really have the hair thing going on, don’t you?  If I were you, I’d chop it all off.”

Oh hey.  You know I just don’t see that happening because I actually like having long hair.  So what happened?  She barely trimmed it.  Badly.  Maybe I deserved it for that phone call, but I was justifiably upset.  And it’s not like I cussed her out or anything.

Regardless, I still had the sort of Bozo thing going on and knew I had to do something about it.  As I lamented about my head full of frizz one day, my daughter reminded me that there’s a new place in town we should check out.

After some thought, a lot of thought, I stopped by one day a few weeks ago.  And I basically interviewed her.  I see that she has short hair, is she okay with cutting long hair?  Explaining what happened the last two times, and exactly what I wanted, she assured me that she had no problem with it.

So it was back home to think about it.  For about three more weeks.

I finally went in to get the cut today.  And I love it!  At least I did when I left the shop.  She not only kept the length, she also managed to get the layers in…and thin it out quite a bit in the process!  Of course she used a couple of hair products, a hair dryer, and a flat iron, too.

Only I’m kind of a wash and wear girl.  I want it look nice without a lot of hassle.  So I just washed it and we’ll see if I still love it when it dries.  Without any help, without any gels or mousse or spray.  It’s only partially dry at the moment, but it’s looking promising.

Guess I have a new stylist. 

Even my daughter is impressed-and not only because she finally got the cut she wanted.  The woman just happens to be friends with someone who went to school with Taylor Lautner.  Even though she’s Switzerland, she still likes Taylor and she thought that was very cool.  I, however, am Team Jacob all the way.  But if this woman wasn’t a good stylist, the fact that she knows someone who knows Taylor Lautner wouldn’t keep me going back.  🙂

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