A fashion statment?

While shopping with my daughter a couple of weeks ago, I spotted some really pretty tops on a clearance rack.  And since the only way I can justify buying clothes for myself is if I can get them for a really low price, I made a beeline for the rack.

Yup.  Just as pretty up close as they were from a distance.  I thought I’d figured out the reason they were so cheap and turned to my daughter, laughing, and said, “It looks like they wadded these up and packed them in a bin for a month!”

She said no, it was actually the style.  Thinking that she was pulling my leg, I took the one I liked the best and tracked down a saleswoman, who confirmed her story.

Are you serious?!  This is stylish?  I laughed again and took it back to the rack. It didn’t matter to me how inexpensive it was.  If I showed up at some family function wearing that, I’d be accused of either sleeping in it, or being too lazy to iron it.

And then I spotted another one a few days ago.  It must have been from the previous year’s clearance stock because it cost a whopping two dollars.  Yeah, probably not the greatest quality in the world, but it was absolutely gorgeous!  Soft, silver and white, adorable sleeves… and about as wrinkled as you could ever hope to imagine.

And so I started arguing with myself.

It’s so pretty.  It’s wrinkled!  But it’s only two dollars.  It’s still wrinkled!  Well…I could just wear it around the house.  And what if someone comes to the door?  Are you going to let them wait while you hurry and change into something that’s NOT wrinkled?  Yeah, but when am I going to find something this nice for such a good price?  If you’re never going to wear it, what difference does it make?

On and on it went, for about two full minutes.  But I finally decided to buy it.

After it was washed, my daughter took great pleasure in twisting it up so it could dry.  I think she did it in front of me just to watch me cringe.  All I could think is that with the daytime temperatures in the low 80’s, and the fact that it would have to take at least two days for it to dry, I was going to not only have a wrinkled blouse, but one that didn’t smell very good either.

Amazingly enough, it smells just fine.  I know because I tried it on a few minutes ago.  The colors are flattering, the blouse is still pretty…and it’s very wrinkled.  Not a fashion statement I’m prepared to make right now.  And I probably never will be ready to do that.

So tomorrow I’m going to power spray the dust off my seldom used iron and see what I wind up with.  Hopefully something I’ll be comfortable wearing in public.  If not, I’ll just wear it around the house…making sure I have a non-wrinkled top handy to change into.  In case someone has the bad timing to knock on my door when I have my oh-so-stylish blouse on.

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