A pet peeve

After spending a good part of the day researching graphic artists, I decided I needed to take a break and read for awhile.  While reading, even though nothing was mentioned in the story about it at all, I started to crave popcorn.  It was pretty mild at first, so I just ignored it and continued reading.

And then, thanks to something disgusting, I felt an urgent need to wash my hands and, since I was going to have clean hands anyway, I might as well make some popcorn.

Just a little detour here…am  I the only person on the planet who eats popcorn with a spoon?  At least when I’m at home.  Obviously it would be a bit challenging in a dark theater.  And I admit, it would look a little stupid.

But here, I’m usually on the computer doing something, or reading.  Or sorting and filing.  Kind of hard to do if you’ve got butter all over your fingers.  My kids think I’m weird for doing it though.

Anyway, back to the reason I washed my hands in the first place.

This book I’m reading is from the library.  Now the first thing I do with any library book is sanitize it with a little alcohol on a paper towel.  Even the edges of the pages.  Sorry, but I’ve seen too many women walk out of bathroom stalls…and act like the the sink, soap dispenser and paper towels were invisible.

I realize I still have to handle the inside of a book to some extent, but I keep hand sanitizer close by.  Yes, we’ve already established the fact that I have a thing about hand cleanliness…

So this book…

I could have soaked this thing in alcohol for two solid weeks and probably still want to wear gloves to finish reading it.  Why?  Because at least one person who checked it out before I did was a first class pig.  There are things on the pages-  I don’t even want to know.

Most of it looks like someone was eating while reading, something they clearly should never do with a library book.  I’d go so far as to say that all food consumed by them should be done while seated on a drop cloth and wearing a bib!

It appears as though they might have made an effort to wipe up the messes, but it would have been a very half-hearted effort given what’s still there.  That or they just turned the page and let the food squash between them.

Fortunately it’s not on every page.  And thank God most of it is well away from the edges, which is the only place I’m touching it.  But a few times it was right at my fingertips…and I immediately put the book down and went to wash my hands.

This is an example of why I prefer to purchase books.  But I had never read this guy before, and didn’t know if I was going to like his work.  Now that I know I do, I’ll just be buying anything else I want.

How can people treat property that doesn’t belong to them so carelessly?  I might not like to touch a library book, but I certainly appreciate the fact that there is a place that everyone can go, one that offers a wide variety of free reading material..

Sorry, but when I see books damaged to this degree it offends me.  I have hundreds of books…and I can guarantee you that none of them look like this on the inside.  Because I respect my property.  But I respect the property of others even more.  If it’s not yours, treat it like it’s on loan from a member of the mafia.

Some people really need to be relieved of their library cards!

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