Great expectations

Over the past few months I’ve had fun getting to know a fellow author.  What first drew me to her was the fact that this woman is a great writer.  Her story sucked me in from the first paragraph, and I waited anxiously for her to finish each chapter so I could continue reading.

That wasn’t all though.  I liked what I was learning about her as a person.  But I think what truly stood (and stands) out is her attitude.  She is just so thrilled to realize that she is a real, honest to goodness writer.  I don’t know if that’s how she sees it, but it’s what comes through to me.

And that attitude affects everything she feels and does as far as her writing is concerned.  She expects to be successful, and that’s how she conducts herself.  In her mind, she’s already there.

What a fantastic example!  Those of us who have been writing for awhile need dig deep within ourselves and find that thrill, that enthusiasm, again.  We need to be excited about our novels…and expect to be successful.

Because people are drawn to that kind of attitude.  I know I am.  Maybe because I see in her something I realized tonight that I haven’t felt in a good long while.  I still love what I do, but the enthusiasm has been missing.

I am a writer!  That is a very cool thing to be!  And I need to start remembering it.  I might not be the greatest author in the world, but I’m not half bad either.

So thank you, Breeana Puttroff, for reminding me that I’m a very blessed woman.  I’m doing the thing I love to do, and it is exciting! 

Just a heads up to anyone who might be reading this blog…  I will be doing an interview with Breeana in the very near future.  Her book, Seeds of Discovery, from the Dusk Gate Chronicles, will be available this coming Tuesday (September 6) on  Check it out at

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