Really, I haven’t been drinking…

I want a summer home in Greenland.  After finally getting some relief from a weeks-long heatwave, an acquaintance told me a couple of hours ago that the heat index for tomorrow is supposed to be somewhere near the hundred degree mark.  My ears cried. This was not information they wanted to hear. Anyone who knows me, knows that.  Things like that should be on a need to know basis only.  If there’s nothing I can do about it (except to hug my a/c), I don’t need to know.

Of course I knew the weather was going to heat up toward the end of the week.  I just did my best to ignore the bad news, and kept dangling Monday in front of me like a carrot.  Sixty-seven degrees for the high.  A perfect day, in my opinion.

Tomorrow, however, is far from perfect.  Especially since I have a baking chicken thawing out in the refrigerator.  And I’m planning to try another batch of gluten-free biscuits, using a new mix I found.  Yes, it’s my fault.  I knew it was coming.  So what do I plan for supper?  Foods that need to be prepared in the oven…

What can I say?  I’m a little rebellious.  Maybe a lot.

On a brighter note, I made my first batch of GF stroganoff today.  It turned out great!  Couldn’t tell the difference between that and the ‘real’ stuff.  It did take awhile to find a GF mushroom soup though (thank you, Progresso!).

No offense to anyone else who has a gluten intolerance, but I really don’t find the diet all that hard to follow.  Yes, the whole bread issue is a pain in the neck.  I practically salivate every time I see a picture of a Whopper now…and I rarely ate any fast food burgers.  But yesterday I was almost ready to kill for one.  Okay, maybe I didn’t want one quite that bad.

I did find a bread recipe that’s passable.  As long as I don’t eat it with just butter, it works.  I’m thinking I may try to make some hamburger buns out of the next batch.  Then I can just order a Whopper without the bun, bring it home and have a ball.

The other thing I’m having a bit more trouble with is saltine crackers.  However, I did find a recipe for those, too.  And I can’t tell you how much I hope they’re an acceptable substitute.  To put it bluntly, rice crackers suck.  They have the same texture as rice cakes, which I’ve never really cared for.  The taste is fine, but I hate the way they feel in my mouth.

On to the next subject….

I really want summer to be over because that’s the only way to get rid of the legions of mosquitoes that have plagued me for months.  Seriously, I’ve smacked myself so many times in an effort to kill those little buggers that I should be turned in for assault and battery.

Okay, I’ll stop now.  But really, I haven’t been drinking.  I just woke up about 2 1/2 hours before my alarm went off…and am starting to feel it now.  🙂

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