Monday was so long….

….that I woke up today thinking it was Wednesday.  My first thought was, ‘Stupid holidays.  Now I can’t get to the recycling center until Saturday.’  (small town, it’s only open two days a week)

Fortunately I was wrong so I took care of that business, after my newly lengthened pool workout.  (can we say ouch!)  Between those things, spending ten times longer at the grocery store than any human being should ever have to endure (three lanes open and about ten thousand people ahead of me in the lines), and finally dealing with supper, I find myself in need of a nap.  Only 7:45 p.m. is probably not the best time of day to be contemplating that pastime.

So, instead, I’ll finish the book I’ve been reading off and on for the past week or so.  That’s probably why I’m so wiped out today, having stayed up until almost 4:30 this morning with it…


Speaking of reading, I just wanted to announce that Reluctant Guardian should be available in paperback on in a couple of days.  I’ll post the link when I have it.

For now though, I’m going to kick back, relax…and see how the hero catches the bad guy.

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