So far, so bad on my Monday goals

Well, not completely bad given that it is a holiday.  And I did the whole special- supper-that-is-a-lot-of-work thing (because women never get holidays off), made some bread, ran a couple of errands, and took care of some other business.

I did make the needed changes on the video though. (which reminds me, I still haven’t changed the link on the website.  Oops.).

Amazing how time consuming that can be.  Especially when Movie Maker decides the pictures you used in the original aren’t on your computer anymore.  I had to ‘capture’ all of them, paste them in Paint, delete the ones that were there, and then save the new copies.  A little annoying.  A little boring.

In the process, I found a couple of pictures I’d forgotten I’d taken last weekend, so I started a new video, swapped out a couple I hadn’t much liked anyway, and could have been good to go.  If there had been a larger selection of colors to choose from for my font.  It seemed to take forever to find something that matched the background, yet could still be easily read.  But I finally fixed it and the new video is up on YouTube.  (It’s up here, too…I changed it when I was proofreading this blog-and realized I’d forgotten again)

I’m almost sorry to say that working in that particular program is getting easier every time I open it.  But in truth, it’s actually kind of fun making a video.  If you disregard the stress, headaches, and desire to send your mouse through your monitor on occasion.

It became immediately clear last weekend that I love taking photographs.  And I’d really like to spend a day in the Lake Michigan area seeing what I can find…to immortalize in another book trailer.  Or at least for as long as YouTube is around.

But that’s more than I want to think about right now.  It’s been a long day, I’m tired, and I need to find something to do to occupy myself until bedtime.  Before I get myself in more trouble.

Do you ever have one of those nights, when you’re not tired enough to sleep, but just tired enough to hit that goofy mood stage?  Yeah, I’m there.  Not that anyone in the house appreciates it.  Namely my daughter.  That girl has no sense of humor sometimes.

First she turned the sound on her cell phone off.  I can hear the ringtone all the way out here at my desk.  Over the sound of whatever is clunking around in the dryer.  Over whatever movie she’s watching.  Through a closed door.  So it’s not my fault the volume was too loud.  And I kept hanging up before she actually had to waste any minutes and answer it.

She didn’t appreciate the rubber bands I kept shooting at her door either.  It’s not like she’s sleeping.  I mean, c’mon.  I spent years amusing her when she was bored.  You’d think she could return the favor once in awhile.

Hmm.  She’s still got the volume off.  I thought I’d let it go long enough that she might think I’d given up. Well I have not….

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