Meet Sam

Fellow author, Karen Pokras Toz, posted a blog today about her adorable cat.  To me it looked like she was about the same size as my cat, Sam, whose weight fluctuates between 20 and 26 pounds, probably depending on how many Doritos the kids manage to sneak to him.  Doritos and Slim Jim’s are Sam’s favorite snacks.

Anyway, Karen says that her cat weighs 9 pounds, but just looks larger because she’s fluffy.  Sam has very little fluff, as you can see…

As you can imagine, you wouldn’t want to carry this fat cat very far!

Now I’m going to put in a plug for Karen’s hit book, Nate Rocks The World.   If you have kids in grade or middle school, this book would be a perfect Christmas, birthday, or ‘just because’ gift.  It reminded me a little bit of the movie, A Christmas Story (the, ‘You’ll shoot your eye out’ classic that I have to watch every single holiday season).


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