Here We Go Again…

I’ve never made it a secret that fall is my favorite season.  Truly, there are almost no negative aspects about this time of year.  The temperatures are perfect.  Comfortable during the day, chilly at night (perfect sleeping weather!).  The air smells wonderful, and even the loveliest flower garden can’t compare to the trees when they reach their peak colors.

It’s that moment we start packing away summer clothes and breaking out the sweaters.  When pots of chili and hot cocoa are staples on the menu again.  The only time that hot dogs taste even sort of good…because you roasted them over the bonfire until they were as black as the night beyond the glow of the flames.  And the time when we start counting down the days until the holidays.  Along with counting the money we’ll be spending, knowing full well we’ll go over budget… same as we do most years.

And finally, it’s the end of snake season.  But, in exchange, our homes are invaded…by spiders.  I’d say mice, too, but I have some very efficient catchers in the house and they prevent that from happening.  Makes it worth every cent I fork out for catnip, food and litter.  Hmm.  Not entirely sure I should be using ‘fork’ in the same sentence as kitty litter.  Or even cat food.

I don’t like spiders, snakes or mice.  (sounds kind of like an oldies song)

It’s not that spiders aren’t a year-round problem for me, but in warm weather, I suck it up and let them stay in their corners.  They help keep the mosquito population down.  A little, and every one they trap is one less around to feast on me.  But now the mosquitoes are gone and the rest of the arachnid population is seeking shelter from the coming winter.  In my house.

Not good.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when suddenly I see an eight-legged creature float down in front of my eyes.  Or felt something tickle my arm and discover one crawling on me.

You’d think I was a hyperactive three year old when that happens.  People over thirty shouldn’t be able to move that fast, but they can.  With the proper motivation.  A spider crawling on my arm falls into that category.

As far as the ones that suddenly appear before my eyes, I’ve learned to keep a couple of recipe cards on my desk to take care of them.  Of course the speed comes into play when I miss and they fall.  Somewhere.   I’ve learned that I can dance like a teenager when trying to discover where that somewhere is.  Again, it all boils down to motivation.  And a missing spider is plenty of incentive to shake your booty.

What brought this subject up?  I missed one.  And it disappeared under my desktop.  You know….the place where your keyboard tray slides in.  Oh goody….

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2 Responses to Here We Go Again…

  1. WHAT spider things? LOL…I need one. NOW! Actually, I’d like about a dozen of them. I don’t even care if they click. After seeing the spider earlier, I keep looking up at the ceiling, like one is just waiting up there to startle me. And I always worry that one might get in my hair. That would definitely freak me out!

    Do you have any music playing in the background to drown the noise out? If not, I could loan you the little oscillating fan in my office. Not sure how long it would take to get from Michigan your part of of the country, but I can guarantee you that the squeak this is making would drown out the clicks your spider thing is making. Pretty sure this fan is wanting to be put in a haunted house for Halloween, maybe to simulate a creaking door. 🙂

  2. Haha. We’ve had our share of spiders coming in lately here, too. I plugged one of those “spider” things in in the dining room (where my desk is), and I haven’t had any crawl under my desktop lately.

    Although, right up until this made me think of it just now, I had completely tuned out the little “click” it makes every few seconds (are people supposed to hear that? I don’t know), and now I can hear it again. 🙁

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