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I’ve been feeling like the love child of The Grinch and the Wicked Witch of the West for the past few days.  The Grinch because of the scene where he’s stunned that he hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming, despite the fact that he stole everything from the Who’s.  No presents, no trappings, no ribbons and bows, no roast beast.  It came anyway.  The witch because, as happened when the bucket of water was thrown on her, I’m melting, I’m melting.  Only not because someone doused me with H2O.

What a handsome dad…

And doesn’t Mom have the cutest smile?

Despite the fact that it’s gotten as low as the thirties at night, and fifties during the day.  No matter that I had to turn the space heater in my office on for nearly a week.  Even though I was really getting into this whole baking thing and hoped we could avoid it this year…Indian summer showed up right on schedule.


It’s here.  And I’m stunned.  After nearly a month of weather that was cooler than I remember a September being in years, it came anyway!  Twenty-plus degree temperature increases since last week.  But maybe, according to the Weather Channel website, today may mark the beginning of another cool down.

Hope so because frankly I’m not sure the human body is capable of adjusting to such drastic changes.  At least mine isn’t.  I’ve been feeling similar to what I did on the ninety degree days this past summer, only this has been literally an overnight experience.

So what do you think about Indian summer?  Are you glad to see it arrive, or are you like me and you just want the fall weather back?  And can anyone solve the mystery of whether it’s the Whos’ or the Who’s?  I’ve Googled this until I can hardly see straight (not really…but I did do some checking into it).  It comes up both ways so I’m a little curious.  It may keep me awake tonight wondering.  Or not.

Probably not…

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