Greek Yogurt and Meatloaf Jell-O

Apparently a sick daughter equals a fairly productive night.  So far this is my second blog, which I really shouldn’t be writing because it’s currently 4:08 a.m.  Even though the fever is down, I guess the fact that it was a tenth of a degree away from 103 is making me just the tiniest bit paranoid.


I was thinking about the pile of Greek yogurt in my refrigerator, something I’d never tried until a few days ago.  Something I was very sorry I’d tried as I gagged the first carton down.  It’s much thicker than a Yoplait Whips, which is my favorite.  At least the lemon and orange.  Those are so good they’re like a dessert.

Greek yogurt is nothing like a dessert.

But they are higher protein and, while I’m not into high protein diets, I do know that more protein makes me feel better.  And this has almost double what you’ll find in regular yogurts.

Why was I thinking about Greek yogurt at four in the morning?  Because I need to remember to get one out as soon as I wake up.  I thought if I allowed it to come to room temperature it might go down a bit easier.  When it’s cold, right out of the refrigerator, it looks like it has the consistency of the flavored cream cheese in little bowls.

It worked.  It wasn’t as hard to swallow when sort of warm.  Didn’t make it taste any better, but I’ll get used to it.  But it’s the getting used to it, and literally gagging my way to that point, that brings to mind something I’ll share with you on this Whatever Wednesday.

I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur at heart.  Came by it honestly, thanks to my dad.  And one day, way back when, I decided to kill two birds with one stone by starting a housecleaning business.  It would not only give me an income, but would be great exercise, allowing me to stop the thrice weekly trips to the gym thirty minutes from my home.

Having zero experience in bidding on jobs, I agreed to clean an apartment for $25.00 a week, not realizing that the owner didn’t clean anything between my once-weekly visits.  This person didn’t wash so much as one dish.  Can we say mistake?!

One day I arrived to the usual mess, including a counter and sinks full of dirty dishes.  Only one large bowl was half-filled with water.  She told me she thought she’d help me out and soak it…because she made meatloaf and didn’t want the residue to harden.   That might have worked, but for the hardened residue on sides of the top half of the bowl.

It’s only a guess on my part but I’m fairly sure she had to have made the meatloaf, and run water in the bowl, on the last day I’d cleaned.  Seven days previously.

And I’m fairly sure because, as I poured the dirty water out of the bowl…it looked like I was pouring partially set Jell-O into the sink.  It actually looked like something much worse but I’m not gonna say that word in a blog.

It probably didn’t help that it smelled really bad, but I started gagging.  And not just a little either.  I gagged so hard my stomach hurt and my eyes were watering.  Right in front of my client.  Not a very professional reaction.

As I was wiping the tears from my face, trying hard to not throw up, I managed to whisper, “Please don’t do that again.  I’ll just soak the dishes when I get here.”

Growing up with two brothers, who made getting over a weak stomach a necessity, hadn’t prepared me for anything like that.

Nope.  She won, hands down.

And no, I didn’t clean for her very long.  It wouldn’t have been worth it even if she’d paid me $100.00 a day after discovering a mess she left in the bathroom!  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say it made the meatloaf bowl experience look fun.

Has anyone ever run in to something like this?  If so, were you able to handle it any better than I did?  Should I have quit on the spot (which is what I really wanted to do that day)?


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2 Responses to Greek Yogurt and Meatloaf Jell-O

  1. asraidevin says:

    I found almost (not quite) Greek yogurt here in Canada. They call it Natural. Not sure what the difference is, but it has no gelatin. It’s caramel flavoured, but retains that sour tang behind it. yum.

    I hate cleaning my own house. I could be paid to do someone else’s, but mine is a disaster.

    • Maybe natural is like organic? Not sure. But I almost always eat Yoplait Whips, which is light and airy. Greek is very, VERY thick, but I’m getting used to it. Still have to warm it to room temperature though.

      I’m not sure what your idea of a disaster is, but I have to say, I thought I knew what it meant until I cleaned for that one person. Trust me, I don’t think anything they paid you would be worth it. This place was horrible….every week. They needed someone on a daily basis to keep it halfway clean. Yuck! 🙂

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