Topsy-turvy End of the Week

Being a mom is hard work.  And some weeks are tougher than others.  Especially as your kids get older.  They’re ready to grow up, while moms aren’t always quite so ready.  Which can cause a serious lack of sleep for some of us.

Or in this case, me. 

After the past few days I think I’m going to have to consider writing a zombie novel…because I actually have some firsthand experience with that particular state.  In fact, with approximately nine hours sleep since Tuesday morning, I may be just a bit overqualified.  Like a zombie on steroids.

So I’m skimping a bit on the blog today.  But I will post something extra tomorrow.  The one I’d intended to use Wednesday, in fact.

And now – for my Freaked Out -rather than Fabulous – Friday installment…

In honor of Halloween, here are a couple of cute videos.  First a light show.  I really love watching these because they’re so cool.  It’s hard to imagine the patience and talent it takes to come up with something like this. 

And now for a chuckle.  I hope.  It made me giggle through most of it:

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2 Responses to Topsy-turvy End of the Week

  1. THAT is SO cool!!! LOL…I’ve watched it three times in a row and found one of just the skate to post on Facebook. Skating is one of my very favorite things to watch! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. asraidevin says: My favorite “Monster Mash” from Battle of the Blades.

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