Cell Phones, Social Networks, and Romance

A relative of mine got married today.  Well actually it was yesterday, but I keep screwy hours and even if I don’t fall asleep until four in the morning, it won’t be yesterday to me until I wake up again.  Not that it matters for this particular blog, other than the fact that I’m just a hair on the sleep deprived side (what else is new…), with a daughter running a temp of close to 103.  Can we say more sleep deprivation on my to-do list?

Okay, so why am I writing about a relative’s wedding?  Because there are already reception photos on Facebook.  Posted by the bride.  And I just saw that she accepted a friend request a few minutes ago, presumably from her cell phone since computers aren’t a normal part of weddings or receptions.  At least not as far as I know.  And no, I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with it.  It just struck me how different things are today than they were even ten years ago.

With cell phones able to access the internet, people can keep everyone updated on every aspect of their lives now.  Whether we have an emergency, found a great price on gas, or had a delicious meal at a local restaurant, with the touch of a few keys on your phone, you can let everyone in your Facebook and Twitter feeds know almost instantly.

Even at your wedding you can keep everyone who wasn’t there in the loop.  I understand one groom even updated his status on both accounts…just before he kissed his new wife (which was taking it to extremes in my opinion).

Sometimes I agree with so-called experts, that we’re losing something with social media.  Namely the skills to function socially face-to-face.

Except, truth be told, I socialize more since getting on Facebook than I used to do.  Mostly because a lot of my family, and a number of friends, are on it, too.  People I’d see once in a blue moon (at the annual reunion, funerals, etc…) I now ‘talk’ to on a pretty much daily basis.

But updating statuses at weddings?

Why not? 

I might not have been there tonight, but I got to see a little of what was going on, which I enjoyed tremendously.    Add YouTube to the mix, and I can see what happened at the weddings of perfect strangers…like my all time favorite:

I love that video.  Even though I have to make sure no one is around when I watch it because it brings tears to my eyes and makes it hard to swallow.  I always knew I turned to mush at parades when marching bands and veterans passed by.  Who knew I’d do the same thing over something like this?  Joining the ranks of the women who cry at weddings…

Anyone else react that way when you saw this, too?  And what is your opinion about updating statuses at weddings and receptions?  Does it take away from the moment, or is it just another way of allowing others to share in your special day?

I’d also be curious to know if you also socialize more since getting online.  If you’re able to keep up more with family and friends through social mediums like Facebook.

Now pardon me because I need to watch this again.  🙂

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2 Responses to Cell Phones, Social Networks, and Romance

  1. That’s my favorite part of the movie. Although I haven’t seen it in awhile. My daughter discovered it when she was about 10…and watched it fifty million times. Pretty sure she had a crush on Patrick Swayze (who didn’t!). 🙂

  2. asraidevin says:

    I get all crazy at the Dirty Dancing video. I love the final dance.

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