Gonna Drown A Guy In My Septic Tank

Yup.  I’m definitely going to work that murder into one of my next novels.  And while I’m writing the scene, I’ll feel a great deal of satisfaction as I picture the victim.  Who would that be?  My youngest daughter’s first ex-boyfriend.

Writing romance novels for years, I’m no stranger to arguments, fights and breakups but, while it’s just a part of the writing life (and usually necessary for the plot), it’s another story when it’s real.

When the real involves one of your children, though, it’s really hard to just sit back and do nothing except offer a shoulder. 

It’s not that I’m sorry to see the tail end of this guy.  Something about him didn’t set well from the start.  Much of what I saw fit the profile of a controlling person, and the way he broke up with her didn’t alter that opinion at all.  Why?  Because he couldn’t just breakup with her like a decent human being.  Nope.  He went out of his way to make her feel bad about herself in the process.  Gutless wonder that he is, he did it via text messages, too.  Very mature…

Yes, today’s blog is basically a rant.  But it’s a better idea than taking a drive to his house to dish out a little hurt of my own.  Of the physical variety.

I won’t do that, however, because prison still isn’t hasn’t made my top ten list of future vacation destinations.  So all I can do is offer what comfort I can, and keep reassuring her that it is him, not her.

I also want to say, I love you, Sweetie.  And remember this…

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