With the release date for For Baby’s Sake scheduled for November 30th, I’ve been working with the graphic artist who will be designing the cover (nothing like leaving it until the last minute, hmm?).  Wanting to cross all of my t’s and dot all of my i’s, I did some checking on Google and Amazon, just to make sure I was good to go with my title.

So imagine my dismay when I found a book with the same title

Can we say panic?!

Talk about a frenetic brainstorming session!  Lists all over the place.  Character names, key words, anything that might help me come up with an alternative I liked as well as the first one.

Then I started wondering about the title for the second book in the series and, sure enough, it was taken, too.  Not cool since that one will be out in February.

Now I needed two new titles?

Needless to say my morning was not even remotely close to relaxing.  However, the title issues are now resolved, and the artist is set to do her magic.

So what title did I decide to go with?

The problem is going to be to actually remember it.  My kids will likely think I’ve lost my mind…well, they already think that…but I may have to tack up a few notes around the house to remind myself that it’s changed.   Just kidding.  Maybe.  I’m thinking not.  I’ll be doing the note thing…

So what do you think of the new title?  What about the cover?  I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first, but the more I look at it, the more I really like it.  (Shh…it’s okay if you don’t.  I’m not easily offended)

Thought I’d share this video because there is a baby in The Daddy Pact (obviously)…and I enjoy this daddy making his babies laugh.

***Because of the hold up over the new title, the paperback version won’t be available until mid-December.  And the Kindle version might be a day late.

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