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The Mirror of Your Life

Last night, as I read Tim O’ Brien’s blog reflecting on his life as he approaches his fiftieth birthday, I realized I’d been doing a bit of reflecting myself this past year.  Not because of a milestone birthday, but rather … Continue reading

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The Bunkbeds From Hell

I just read something about Bob Mayer putting together a piece of furniture from Ikea and, after struggling with it for hours…discovering that he had extra screws.  And I had to smile at the memories it brought to mind. Several … Continue reading

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Public or Private: The Perfect Honeymoon?

Today’s blog was going to be about honeymoons, something I wanted to write about after finding a Top Ten list of popular honeymoon sites.  More specifically, after discovering that Hawaii was a distant third behind Disney World and Las Vegas. … Continue reading

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Three Weeks Until Thanksgiving?!

When did this happen?  Where did 2011 go?  And how did it go so quickly? Three weeks?! Yes.  It just hit me a couple of hours ago that the holidays are upon us.  Yes.  I was aware of all of … Continue reading

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Gonna Drown A Guy In My Septic Tank

Yup.  I’m definitely going to work that murder into one of my next novels.  And while I’m writing the scene, I’ll feel a great deal of satisfaction as I picture the victim.  Who would that be?  My youngest daughter’s first … Continue reading

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