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Another Auld Lang Syne

I hate this time of year.  For one thing, I’m always another year older (which really does beat the alternative).  For another, like most everyone else on the planet, it’s a time to reflect on the things I did, or … Continue reading

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Introducing Guest Blogger Samantha Warren

Some of you may know that I was a guest blogger on Samantha Warren’s site last week.  Well, this week I’m lucky enough to have her step in over here.  Today she shares some very important information about pets.  I … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

No, I haven’t developed a case of amnesia, and I’m not going through a midlife crisis.  Well…  I’ve been going through a midlife crisis since I turned thirty, and continue to remain smack dab in the middle of it.  But … Continue reading

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The Late, Great Thomas Crapper

We’ll just put this particular blog down to extreme boredom after all the build-up and excitement of Christmas.  With the day winding down, and feeling at loose ends, it just hit me that this is Sunday night…and it’s going to … Continue reading

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Feliz Navidad

I just want to take a moment to say, during this holiday season, that I’m thankful for so very many things.  My loved ones, my home.  The privilege to be live in a country that, even with all its faults, … Continue reading

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It’s Okay, Mom, Don’t Worry. Yeah, Right!

Only someone who hasn’t had kids yet could believe that there will come a day when a parent will stop worrying about their children.  My daughter actually laughed tonight when I informed her that I’m still going to be worrying … Continue reading

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Finding Christmas

Oops…  I wrote down the wrong date.  Samantha Warren will be guest-blogging here on December 30th, not today as had been announced. I might have found a glimmer of Christmas spirit tonight.  I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Memories of Christmas Past

Even after promising myself that I wasn’t going to turn into one of those people who hate the holidays because they lost someone close in November or December, I find that I’m having a hard time getting into the Christmas … Continue reading

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Cars Make Pretty Effective Weapons

The second I saw the headline I knew I should avoid the article like the plague.  But no, I’m not smart enough to do something that easy.  Nope.  When my eyes zeroed in on, “Driver Sent, or Got, 11 Texts … Continue reading

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Recycling My Stuff

In preparation for what I know is going to be a hard day, I’ve decided that my Monday blog will be a repeat from June 6th.  Actually this seems to be my very first blog here on WordPress…so maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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