Another Auld Lang Syne

I hate this time of year.  For one thing, I’m always another year older (which really does beat the alternative).  For another, like most everyone else on the planet, it’s a time to reflect on the things I did, or did not, accomplish in the previous 364 days.

Unfortunately the ‘did-nots’ almost always outnumber the ‘dids.’

That could be due to the fact that my New Years resolution list was way too long.  Or it could be because too many other things cropped up and pushed those things aside.  And I suppose there’s just the tiniest possibility that I just kind of forget the things on the list in the first place.  Okay, so maybe there’s a bigger possibility than that.

But I think Shelly Immel nailed it this week in her post, How to Make New Years Resolutions You’ll Still Care About in 6 Months.

I never take the time to think about what I really want to do over the course of the coming year.  Nope.  I just fill that list up with all the things I’d maybe like to accomplish and, by the time I’m finished, my eyes are wide and I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Because I know I won’t be placing a check mark beside any of them.

How can I when I’m overwhelmed by the enormity of the list before January first even arrives?

But this year is going to be different.  I feel like the past three years of my life have pretty much slipped by.  The first couple of years following my car accident were spent in a haze of pain and sleepless nights.  Then when things started to get better, my daughter died…which pretty much ruined 2011 for me.

Now that I’ve been reminded again how short and unpredictable life truly is, I know I need a plan.  I know I need to really take the time to look at my life.  Where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I want to be.

So in the next few days I’m going to think about these things.  And then I’m going to limit that list to a small handful of goals.  The ones I consider to be the most important ones.  One or two each from the personal happiness, career and family categories.  And no more.

Only things I truly care about, and things I have a hope of achieving.  Know what?  I’m tired of setting myself up for failure by the time January second rolls around.

What about you?  Do you make New Years resolutions?  Have you seen any of them come to pass?  Or are you like me and sit there shaking your head at the end of each year because you wasted time and energy saying you were going to do all of these great and wonderful things…and didn’t?

No matter where you’re at with the whole resolutions thing, I just want to take a second here to wish you all a very safe and Happy New Year!  May 2012 be all you hope for.

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