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Introducing…My Son (and a recipe)

I don’t often see posts on Facebook about Autism, but I saw that a friend had posted this video about a young man with a form of the disorder performing in a talent contest… I apologize but I can’t find … Continue reading

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It’s a Bad Boy Thing

Damon Salvatore.  No…Stefan Salvatore.  No…Damon…  One is a really sexy bad boy, with occasional glimpses of something more. The other is a sweet, sensitive, considerate guy.  Kind of the all American, undead, boy next door. Both are (in my opinion) … Continue reading

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Contemptible Culinary Calamities

At some point in our lives, we all have to learn to cook.  There’s just no getting around it.  If you want to live for any length of time after leaving the nest anyway.  How we learn, or how much … Continue reading

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