My Favorite Romantic Movies

A few weeks ago I shared with you my top three favorite romantic songs.  So this week I thought I’d share with you my very favorite romantic scenes from three of my favorite movies.

But let’s talk first about what makes a movie romantic.  What is it that draws us in and keeps us glued to our seats, mindlessly munching artery clogging popcorn as we wait, breathlessly, for that final ‘aw’ inspiring scene?  The moment we know that our time was well spent because we finally got our happily-ever-after fix.

The lead actor and actress have to be believable, for one thing.  Some very talented people in the industry would be ill-cast in a romance.  Can you imagine Lily Tomlin and Eddie Murphy as leads?  That pairing really doesn’t ‘do it’ for me, and I’d probably avoid that movie…unless it more comedy than romance.  Of course I never thought Adam Sandler had it in him either, until I saw him in 50 First Dates.  And speaking of Adam Sandler, all I can say about his performance in Reign Over Me is…wow!!!  Well, well worth your time to watch!

But back to the subject at hand…

The guy can’t be a jerk.  Or if he is, he has to be changed by the end of the movie.  Same for the woman.  Sometimes, when we’re talking movies like Kate & Leopold we can only hope the guy doesn’t change.  Not even a little.  Leopold was perfect, start to finish, and I think if we ladies could find a real-life Leopold to give lessons to ‘normal’ guys, we’d all be happier.  Maybe we could get Hugh Jackman to be the instructor…  Hugh Jackman would make me very happy.

But let’s get to my top three for today (and that top three could change in an instant, as soon as I remember other romances I love).

In third place, and I’m surprised I’m including this at all, is A Walk to Remember.  Usually I prefer a different sort of ending, but I’ll be good and not give away too much, for those who haven’t seen it yet.  Let me just say I’ll be watching it periodically for years.  Or until my DVD wears out.  In fact, after previewing the trailer, I’ll probably be watching it after The Vampire Diaries tonight.

I wanted to post a specific scene but every video was embedded (which is extremely annoying!).  So I had to settle for the trailer.

It’s really a toss up which of the next two I like the best, so I’m just going to do the eenie-meenie-miney-mo thing.  They both star Sandra Bullock, who is one of my very favorite actresses, and I own more of her movies than I can even remember.

Okay, The Proposal got stuck in the second position.  What’s not to like about this romantic comedy?  I mean, c’mon.  It stars Ryan Reynolds…  It has some of the funniest scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, most notably the ‘chant’ scene with Betty White.  However, please note that this scene is not suitable for all ages.

Pay close attention to Betty’s face when Sandra starts singing louder.

And the top spot goes to…because it won courtesy of a grade-school game…The Lake House.  Ya gotta know that if I watched The Matrix because Keanu Reeves was in it, I’d be parked front row center to see him in a romance with Sandra Bullock.  Okay, okay.  Back row center…   Sitting close enough to kiss the screen really hurts my eyes.  Plus you can’t see everything going on anyway.

So now that I’ve shared with you some scenes from a few of my favorite romantic movies, I hope you’ll share your top three picks with me.  Chances are they will make my favorites list, too.

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