Taxi Anyone?

Call someone else then.  I’m counting the minutes until I can stop playing taxi.  Mostly because this appears to be a schedule I’ll never get used to.  (Amazing how things change after you pass 30, isn’t it?  🙂

I’ve been craving sleep in much the same way a person lost in the desert craves water.  So I’m doing a rerun of a blog I originally posted on September 9, 2011…because I’m too tired to be creative.  I might add a video or two, and do a bit of editing, but that’s it.

So funny but yet…

…it isn’t.

I’ve been sitting here giggling off and on all night.  And hoping like mad that the people who live across the street from me aren’t doing the same thing.  If they are it means they were either outside, or looking out their window, at exactly the right moment.  That split second when they would have seen me do something that you only ever see in the movies.

I had just arrived home from my daily pool workout and all I wanted to do was get in the house and supper started.  As is often the case, I had been distracted earlier in the day and forgotten to eat.  In other words, at five-thirty in the afternoon, I was starving.

Distracted again, I hadn’t been paying attention to the fact that it was raining…or that my sandals were wet.  Not cool when you have a tile floor – and no rug at the door (I’ll be rectifying that tomorrow!).

Yup.  I had only gone about two steps into my house when the next thing I knew, my feet flew out from under me and I was slamming into the floor.  My first thought was, “Oh my God, I’ve shattered my elbow.”  My second, and far more important one was, “Oh I sure hope nobody saw that!”

But my daughter had.  She’d been getting a bag from the car, but wound up running to help me  All I could, though, was just sit there thinking I really didn’t want to go to Urgent Care.

The guy in the blue wading pool kind of looks like I did.  On your feet then, oops!  On your back.

Do you ever notice, when something like this happens, another thing is guaranteed to follow?  A question.  A question everyone asks, even though it’s obvious that you are not.

Are you okay?

And sure enough, that’s exactly what my daughter demanded to know.

Um…no, actually, I don’t believe that I am.

It reminded me of a similar experience, when I was a teenager and trying to learn to roller skate backwards.  I’d been in the middle of the rink in the safe zone, practicing, when someone slammed into me.  I landed flat on my back, the wind knocked well and truly out of me.  As I’m laying there, unable to suck in a decent breath of air, sounding like someone was choking me, an employee rushed over to me saying, “Are you all right!”  Sure, buddy.  I can’t breathe, but yeah, I’m just peachy thanks for asking.

But the same as then, today I was fine, too.  Mostly.

After a minute I got up and wandered out to my office where I was hit, almost immediately, by my first case of the giggles.  Every movie or television show I’ve ever seen where someone slips in a, ‘now you see him, now you don’t’ way went rolling through my mind.  And I knew it looked every bit as hilarious when I fell.

I’ve caught myself laughing about it several times since.  Knowing me, I’ll be giggling myself to sleep, too.

Sure hope the next time I find myself this amusing, it’s because of something that doesn’t involve pain or embarrassment.

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