I knew this day would roll around eventually.  On one hand I’m glad it’s here, if for no other reason than to get it out of the way.  On the other hand, I am probably not the best choice for this particular job.

Teaching my youngest daughter to drive…

Just a fun song about a car…

She’s actually doing quite well, given that she’s learning in a big Pontiac Montana.  It’s Mom who’s not doing so well.  Actually I’m doing better than I thought I might.  At least my blood pressure was still within the normal range at my last doctor’s appointment.  I kind of figured it would be off the charts…

First, I’ve only been driving again for a few months, after more than two and a half years off, thanks to the red light runner who totaled my other van.  Next on the list is the fact that I’m still a little nervous on the road myself.  And finally…it’s not the best time of year to be learning this skill.

We’ve already dealt with snow, lots of rain, a flooded road, and five deer running out in front of her.  Fortunately that was within the first few weeks when she wasn’t comfortable driving over forty so she was able to stop in plenty of time.  I’ll bet since I started driving…awhile ago…that I haven’t had three deer run out in front of me.  But it was so bad for a while that I started calling her a deer magnet.

Then there was the airhead pulling out of the high school parking lot.  The one who somehow managed not to see the big van with the headlights on.  I have to say this about my daughter…she is very good about hitting the brakes quickly if the need arises (and you don’t want to be reaching over to honk the horn when she does!).  In this instance, she was also pretty good at cranking the wheel hard to the right to avoid being sideswiped by that idiot.  Yup.  She put us up over the curb – and still stopped in time to avoid crashing into the speed limit sign and telephone pole that were right there in front of us.

Another fun song about driving.  My daughter isn’t allowed to listen to either one of them…

It’s certainly been interesting to see how she’s progressed over the past couple of months.  She’s getting better at parking but still doesn’t like driving on the freeway at night.  ‘Talking’ is apparently a distraction – but music is not.  She’s also gotten enough experience under her belt that she’s starting to rebel at further instruction from me…so we’re butting heads on a fairly regular basis.  But I continue to remind her that it takes a long time to become a good driver and if she wants to continue driving, this is the way it’s going to be.

It’s my van.  More importantly, it’s my daughter.  When this whole learning thing is over, they’re both going to be in as perfect condition as they were when we started.

My favorite song about driving.  She’s not listening to this one either.  If she’s in a car with anyone it will be both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel…or Mom will be kicking some butts.

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