I Am NOT Happy!

Until a few weeks ago, life was good.  Everything was as it should be in Mystic Falls.  You knew who the good guys were.  You knew who the bad guys were.  And you knew who was riding the fence.

And you know what?  I was perfectly content hating Klaus.  In fact, every single week I looked forward to hating him more and counting down the days until someone figured out how to get rid of him.  He is an evil jerk with zero redeemable qualities.  He killed Jenna, then Elena (temporarily). He stabbed his brother, the sexy Elijah, in the heart.  He blackmailed Stefan into becoming a monster again.

Yeah, pretty easy to hate that guy.

Then about a month ago he compelled werewolf Tyler to bite Caroline, pretty much the kiss of death for a vampire.  Except then this unlikely knight in shining armor, Klaus, came riding up on his white stallion to save her.  Okay, so he didn’t have a stallion, and he’s no hero.  But save her he did.

And the thought that he might not be as bad as I thought started nagging me.  So I did my best to ignore it.  But then  I didn’t hate him quite so much during the next episode.  Or the one after that.  And last week…last week…I decided I didn’t want Klaus to die after all because….I liked him.

Talk about taking the whole attraction to bad boys to the extreme!


But this is me we’re talking about here, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  Nope.  Who do you think I liked best in Smallville?  You got it.  Lex Luthor.  Even though I knew he was the bad guy from the Superman story, I still liked him and was a little annoyed with the producers of the series.  In my humble opinion, they should have ended the show before Lex went completely bad.  Especially before he killed Lionel, another bad guy I liked more than I should have.

But Klaus?  Klaus makes Lex, even at his worst, look like a Boy Scout.  Nevertheless, I like him now.

Guess I’ll be calling to set up that appointment for a psychological evaluation in the morning…

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17 Responses to I Am NOT Happy!

  1. JennyBean says:

    Okay, I’m a sucker–saw the title and thought something BAD had happened, like maybe you’d lost your hard drive or you were out of chocolate or something serious. Jeez.

    And for the record… I like bad boys too.

    • Whew! Now that I’ve recovered from my faint, I’ll apologize. Believe me, if I’d lost my hard drive I wouldn’t be able to blog about it. Not because I couldn’t do it from my laptop, but because I’d probably be banned from WordPress for life. LOL after all the computer virus issues from November and December I’m afraid if something like that happened, I’d be able to give truckers lessons in cussing.

      And running out of chocolate?! OH NO!!! That would land me in jail as it could only mean someone threw away (or ate) the chocolate chip muffins I bought last night. PMS will be rearing its ugly head sometime in the near future and chocolate is a must for taming Ms Hyde. 🙂

  2. LOL! OK I’ve never seen this show, but now that I’ve had a taste I simply MUST SEE IT. What a yummy thing to see on a Sunday. Thanks 😀

    • Melinda…it will be worth your time! I didn’t start watching it until halfway through the second season (guess what I bought myself for Christmas) and have been hooked ever since. I don’t know who the casting director is for that show but whoever it is did a really good job, lol. Now if they’d just put Klaus remember that Klaus is a BAD guy, it would be perfect. 🙂

  3. It won’t let me leave a direct reply. Hmm. Anyway the link wouldn’t work for me. I wound up going into my dashboard and typing the URL so I could watch it (the thing I had to approve).

    Here it is. 🙂


  4. They made Klaus likeable in this last episode. What was up with that? They are going to play the sympathy card later. I thought about sending you a message when I finished watching it. LOL Damon choosing to play the part of the bad boy to help out poor brother. Ugh!

    • I wish I knew! They’ve been making him likeable since he saved Caroline. And that’s just wrong, lol. We’re supposed to hate Klaus. Next thing you know, they’ll make Cole a good guy, too. It was a stretch when Elijah turned out to be sort of nice now it looks like the role of ‘bad guy’ is falling to Rebekah. And a female villain really isn’t the same.

      And yes, Damon is getting a little wimpy lately. Are the writers spending too much time watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie? 🙂

  5. Coleen Patrick says:

    As long as Damon is around I don’t think I will ever look twice at Klaus!

  6. Katrina says:

    Don’t bother with the psych appointment, you have the ‘bad boy’ syndrome. It attacks all women between the ages of 1 and 110 at some time in their life.

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