The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

Okay, so the sky isn’t really falling.  But if it were, it would be a newsworthy event, right?

Are there other things that might fall into that category?

Yup.  Aliens landing in the middle of the street and stealing all of our manhole covers for their intergalactic Frisbee game might make the list.   Robin Williams finally making an appointment for electrolysis could, too.

On a more serious note, things like weather warnings, train derailments resulting in evacuations, and anything that could be defined as an emergency
are all excellent reasons to interrupt a television program.

I love Parenthood.  It’s one of three favorite shows.  And yes, I can have three favorites.  I’m a woman.  And if you want to argue about it, I also have PMS – and no chocolate to take the edge off – so I will win.

Interrupting the season finale for ten minutes to tell me that the vote is too close to call, and then interrupting it a second time to let me know that you’ll have full coverage of the voting results at eleven is just wrong!

To change the subject, we have a weather advisory.  Yup, supposed to get an ice storm overnight.  And then it’s supposed to be fifty-two degrees tomorrow.

That means March is coming in like a lion and a lamb.  What’s it going to go out as?  A rhinoceros?

According to the ten-day forecast, there will be a few more days where we’ll see the low fifties.  That means the chances for a decent snowfall this winter are dwindling rapidly.

I want snow, darn it!

I would give a lot to watch a snowfall like this for a few hours.  Maybe not overlooking a parking lot and gas station but I love a heavy snow.

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23 Responses to The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

  1. JennyBean says:

    That’s just plain wrong–interrupting a show for ELECTION RESULTS. And those state of the union addresses are the worst. Why do they have to broadcast them on every station?!

    • I agree with you. But not everyone agrees with us. I left a comment on the station’s Facebook page…I didn’t cuss, but they knew I was ticked off…and I took some flack for it. Not from the news people, but from citizens who questioned my intelligence for preferring to watch the season finale of a show I’ve been watching for three years over the ‘breaking news’ which no news at all. I guess some people live and breathe politics. I am not one of them. 🙂

  2. This was the end of the third season, Marcy. I’ve been watching since the beginning (and really hoping for a 4th season…it looks promising, yay!).

    I wasn’t bummed about Amber and Bob…but only because she’s still going to be his assistant. I fully expect them to become better friends – and resume their relationship after he wins or loses the election. What I am bummed about is that NBC only ordered 18 episodes this season instead of 26. I hope Ron Howard starts throwing some of his weight around so they order a full 26 next time. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to offend him. 🙂

  3. Oh no! That was the season finale 🙁 Now I’m bummed. I watch Parenthood every Tuesday night after Biggest Loser. I have no idea how long it’s been on since I’ve only been watching for a few months.

    So I have to ask, were you bummed too that Amber and Bob aren’t going to continue dating?

  4. Parenthood is one of my faves too–the finale is on my dvr waiting for me….I hope!!! 🙂

  5. Emma says:

    I only discovered Parenthood recently but I love it. How dare they interrupt the finale! 🙂

  6. we have had virtually no snow and I am so grateful. don’t like the stuff. don’t find it pretty and don’t care to drive in it. as for faves – I have many. old stuff, new stuff and a bit of in between.

    thanks for a fun post.

    • I know it’s good for people like you and my aunt (who hates winter passionately) but it’s been a very depressing winter for people like me. Nothing will cheer me up much quicker than looking at the evergreen outside my office window after a good snowfall…especially if there are any cardinals at the bird feeder. 🙂

      As for music, I listen to everything from Dean Martin to Randy Travis to the Backstreet Boys to Aerosmith. 🙂

      • i’d love to see your music collection Kristy. we had snow last night so the yard is white today. it is pretty especially since it was light enough that the roads are clear.

      • My yard was white for a minute last night. This winter has been really weird. And as bad as the mosquitoes were last year, I’m afraid they’re going to be worse this summer. Glad I saved the rotted fruit and boron (?) recipe…hopefully the study was correct and putting a bunch of it around the yard will keep us from looking like we have the measles. 🙂

        My music collection is mostly on Playlist these days. I can get most anything I want to listen to there so I haven’t replaced the stereo I wore out. 🙂

  7. I sooo know what you mean, Kristi! We usually get at least one or two days of enough snow to close schools here in SW OH, this year, nothing! I love when it snows like crazy when I don’t have to go anywhere! Then I don’t like it, because too many people don’t know how to drive in it. My husband’s bummed he hasn’t been able to get his snowblower out this year, and I’m disappointed that I haven’t had an excuse to take an extra vacation day (and our daughter a snow day). It’s stupid now what’s considered “breaking” news. I’m not a TV watcher, but on the rare occasion I do watch, this stuff is beyond annoying.

    • Oh you aren’t kidding about people not knowing how to drive in it! Going to a Trivial Pursuit party at my aunts a few weeks ago…and I’m not exaggerating even a little….every 30-50 feet for about three miles you could see tracks from cars that had slid into the the grassy area in the middle of the freeway earlier in the day. I had to laugh because it looked like a monkey-see-monkey do thing. Frankly I wanted to stay on the freeway until the NEXT exit to see if the trend continued.

      And yes…pretty sad when no news is ‘breaking’ news. I’d be willing to be that THAT station is sorry they have a Facebook page, if the posts I saw are anything to go by. 🙂

  8. They interrupted your TV show for those messages? I’d be pissed too. I mean, really!?! Like Katrina says, we all have cable and most of us the internet, so we can get our news when we want it, thankyouverymuch.

    I think that’s more snow than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Oh, and something to think about for the next time you get PMS ~ Godiva chocolate liqueur. Talk about taking the edge off! And it’s super yummy.

    • Believe me, I was. Enough that I left a message on the stations website, and I don’t remember ever doing that before. Break in IF there’s something important we NEED to know…but to do that to tell viewers that it’s too close to call??? Grr!!! Viewers missed around 12 minutes, and that’s a lot in a 40 minute show (after commercials-and you know they didn’t break in over those). I’ll be watching it on Hulu in a little bit so I can see what I missed.

      Godiva chocolate liqueur… Sure wish I’d read this before going to town earlier. I might just have picked up a gallon of it. 🙂

  9. Katrina says:

    First, let me say, the entire news media should know we all have cable, which means we can all get CNN and Fox News, if we wanted to know the election results, we’d be watching their channels, not the one we’re actually watching and truly interested in, and second, I agree about the weather. I blame global warming, so, yes, March may go out like a rhinoceros or a zebra, but I too want a really great snowfall, just one before spring, a true snow day, where there’s absolutely no way to move my car, the sky is dark and overcast, everything else is crystal white, build a fire in the fireplace and watch soap operas and drink coffee in the morning, hot chocolate in the afternoon and wine in the evening. Then go to bed stuffed and half drunk.

    • Glad I’m not the only one, Katrina. One of the biggest reasons I love winter is for the snow. Believe me, I have no great love for single digit windchills. But I can totally get into heavy snowfalls and hot cocoa! Even a cozy fire but, since I don’t have a fireplace, I guess I’ll pass on that until I get one! 🙂

      And yes…IF I wanted to follow election news minute by minute I certainly wouldn’t have turned Parenthood on. But I’ve watched it for three years and had been looking forward to the season finale. 🙁

  10. Debra Kristi says:

    That’s a lot of snow in that video! We don’t get snow here. I have to head to the mountains for anything like that. Not having grown up with it, it’s hard to imagine working in the time for shoveling and freezing my @$$ off into my day. 😀

    You ever planning on doing a musical post and listing that King Kong arm long list? Hehehe

    • I know. I love it! We’ve had one brief snow that was pretty this season, but nothing like you see in the video. I think I’m either going to have to move closer to Lake Michigan or to the Upper Peninsula if this keeps up! As to shoveling…na. I don’t get into that anymore…but it was fun when I was a kid.

      As to the music…lol. It would be a long list. I have 14 playlists on (actually 18 but two are for setting the mood for 1918 and the 20’s and 30’s for writing…then one for relaxation and one motivational). At the top of the list, though, will always be REO Speedwagon, Boston, Air Supply, and Elton John. 🙂

      • I walked my kids to school one day in snow like they show in this video. School should actually have been canceled but we have had superintendents who are idiots more often than not. But that day…oh it was a blast! We looked like snowmen before we’d gone half a block. After the 9 block round trip, I wanted to keep walking. It was fun! (until I started melting all over my hardwood floors!)

  11. asraidevin says:

    We barely have any snow here. I hate to be that “in my day” but when I was a kid, we had way more snow.It used to blow up the snow fence in my dad’s yard to the top and we could sled down, far above our heads. Now he’s lucky if it’s three or four feet there.

    You can have as many favourites as you like. I have two favourite lists when it comes to music.My overarching favourites that don’t’ change much over years, and my current favourites.

    • What little fell on Friday is going to be gone by the time I wake up. We’ve had so little this year that it’s really depressing.

      And I know what you mean about the ‘in my day’ thing. When my sibs and I were kids, we used to walk to a nearby hospital (not sure why it was built in a residential neighborhood but it was). Anyway, when we got a lot of snow…and we did often, we’d shovel out nurses cars when they got off duty…and we wouldn’t let them pay us either. But we could have gotten rich for all the shoveling we did.

      Yay on the many favorites. It’s a good thing we’re not limited because the three that always tie for first place for me are Parenthood, White Collar and Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately my list for musical favorites is probably as long as King Kong’s arm! 🙂

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