It seems like from the second human beings are created, and I do mean from that whole embryonic state, life starts introducing us to changes.  When we think of that tiny speck of a person, and then look at all the ways they’ve changed when they step into that kindergarten classroom for the first time, it’s awe-inspiring.

Life goes on, boys becoming men, girls realizing that being a woman includes things we never imagined, like monthly visits from Aunt Flo.  We learn and we grow, and and everything keeps changing.  From living with our parents, to being on our own, to getting married and having families of our own.

At some point over the past decade or so, most of us have experienced what it’s like to live in the ‘future.’  A place filled with things that fell into the whole sci-fi category not so long ago.

I mean, back when our grandparents were kids, who could ever have imagined the internet, or what it would do to expand our world?  Talk about some major changes!  And speaking of the internet, I have just one thing to say…

Enough with the changes for crying out loud!

In the past few months every program I use online has threatened  promised a new and improved version of whatever it is I’m using.  My website, my blog, my Gmail account…Twitter.

Next up on the chopping block is Facebook with its new Timeline.  Most everyone I know hates it and doesn’t want it.  I feel the same way.

Mark Zuckerberg…please don’t ruin our Facebook.  In the famous words of The Beatles….

Let it Be!

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