Once You Get Down to Naked…

…there’s nowhere left to go.

Sure wish I could read some minds right now to see where people think I’m going with this title.  Probably not in the direction some of you are expecting.  A lot of you know that I write G or PG-13 rated books and blogs and, unless an alter-ego takes over, that’s not likely to change.

So what do I mean?

It’s no secret that I’m not a summer-lover.  Well…I could be if daytime highs weren’t over 75 degrees (with zero humidity) and nights were right around 50.  But you know what?  That would be a Shangri-la kind of thing and it just doesn’t happen in Michigan.

You know what does happen in Michigan?  Or did?  Eighty-four degrees.  Yup. Right smack in the middle of March.  We’re still supposed to be having snow and wind chills, not sweltering August-like heat indexes.

Stubborn person that I am, I wouldn’t turn on the air conditioning.  Just the fans, and I didn’t even want to do that.  Not in the winter.   At least not anywhere but my bedroom (I usually sleep with a fan on year-round).

This makes me worry over how hot July and August are going to be.  Because, frankly, you can only take off so many clothes outside.  Of course if you’ve always harbored some insane desire to be arrested, you can take off as many as you wish.  That’s never made my personal wish list.  And now there’s the whole YouTube thing to consider.  Pretty sure I don’t want to see my naked self starring in a video that could be viewed around the world.  Trust me, no one else does either.

Fortunately I don’t have to consider any of that right now.  Spring weather is here, a few weeks early, but at least it’s more normal than seventies and eighties.  People are worried about asparagus, trees and flowers.  I think they’ll all be fine though.  It’s not like we never get frost-and snow-in April and May.

One of my favorite songs about summer (from Grease).

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