A couple of nights ago I realized that I had never just read Enza.  I’d spent more hours than I’ll ever be able to count researching it.  I loved every minute of writing it.  And, even with a few beta readers, I’ve been through it many times for editing purposes.  But I’d never just read the story.

So I decided it was time for me to pick up the copy of the pretty, finished copy I’d ordered and pretend to be a reader.

What is it about picking up a copy of a ‘real’ book?  By real I mean the kind that’s heavy enough to make your hand ache after holding it for awhile.  The kind where you actually have to turn the pages.  How is it that you can read a book a dozen or more times on a computer, but it’s not until you pick up the actual book…that errors stand out like a neon sign?

Sixteen errors in the first ninety-seven pages.  (Quick update since I wrote this a couple of hours ago…at page 135, there are more than 32 things that need changed…oh no!)

So much for reading it for pleasure.  I’m not even a third of the way through (but hope to finish tonight).  Wow.  I thought I was a pretty decent typist, too.  But when you find you’ve used ‘he’d’ rather than ‘he’s,’ you know you have some work to do. (And you know that has nothing to do with your typing skills anyway)


With less than two weeks until the release date arrives – April 23 – I have some fixing to do!  Can’t wait to see how long the list is by the time I’m finished.  But I am making a promise that I will put out the best quality book that I can.  And will be trying to expand my group of beta readers so that all errors in future books are dealt with a little sooner than this.

And now I’m off.  For the next several hours I’m going to be sucking down an energizing herbal tea (to help keep me alert and focused), reading and taking notes.

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