A New Career Possibility?

I hate having my picture taken.  I always have.  But I decided it was time to have a professional photograph done, so I set the appointment up.  And then I set up another for hair and makeup.

Did I mention that I also don’t like makeup?  It’s always felt like an uncomfortable mask, so I’ve never gotten particularly skilled at using it.  I figured a professional application would give me the best shot at taking a passable picture.  If that’s even possible.  I made peace with the fact that I’ll never be a raving beauty a long time ago.  No, I’m not fishing here, just stating a fact.  Ninety-five percent of my beauty is the most important kind anyway…it’s on the inside.

And I’m okay with that.  Except when it’s time to say cheese.  I always look better in a mirror than I do on film.

So I’m sitting there while the stylist is doing my hair, trying to stay awake…because I was  extremely stressed over this ordeal and didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.  Plus I’ve always felt very relaxed while having my hair brushed, so that didn’t help.  But all good things must come to an end and the moment arrived.  She started applying the makeup.

I had visions of walking out of the shop completely transformed, and heading off to the photographers to sit for a picture I was sure to love for a change.

Guess I should have known when the woman warned me that it might take awhile to get used to.  Since I wasn’t in the habit of wearing any makeup at all, it might look a little different.

Before I say anything else, this young lady did a superb job of applying all of her products.  Still, when I caught sight of myself in the mirror, all I could think is, “Oh my God.  I could audition for the dead body in a funeral scene.”  I think it was because she put eye liner on, and darkened my eyebrows (because the camera likes that, I guess).  It made the rest of the makeup appear a little pale.  She and my daughter kept assuring me that I looked really nice.  I just kind of thought I resembled the faces of people I’d seen lying in caskets.

To make matters worse, I was having the pictures done in another town and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.  My glasses needed adjusting and that’s where I travel to in order to see my eye doctor.  I was so mortified by the makeup that I walked into the office hoping no one would look at me at all.  Kind of stupid, I know, since I had to check in at the front desk and deal with a technician.  And of course you just have to know my doctor was not with a patient.  All I  wanted to do was crawl into a hole and hide.

The funny thing is, I think I will get a decent picture out of it.  At least it looked that way in the little two inch screen on the photographer’s camera.  It only took about fifty shots to get it… Anyway, I’ll see the proofs in a couple of days.  Here’s hoping for the best.

At least I don’t have to worry about looking like Frankenstein. Maybe.

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17 Responses to A New Career Possibility?

  1. It is so hard to go the whole nine yards for a photo. yikes, i get that. and after mine were done, I hated them. had booked another appointment in fact, when a couple of friends saw them and complimented me on them. they’re the kind of friends I believe so i decided to go with this one for awhile, but it was so close.

    hear you about everything Kristy. I get it.

  2. Emma says:

    I like the idea of having a professional photo but I hate posing so I’d be in the same boat as you on the day.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, even professionals hate posing for pictures. I’ve always preferred candid shots. They give a more genuine glimpse of our personalities and spirits. That said, I’m sure you don’t look like Frankenstein! LOL Great post, lady.

  4. Debra Kristi says:

    OMG Kristy! You had me cracking up. I don’t think I’d try to do anything the same day. I’ve also heard you have to cake it on. I guess that would be from living down here in LA and knowing people in the biz. I can’t wait to see your new head shots!

    • LOL…I vaguely remember that from drama class but didn’t think I’d wind up looking like I could step out on a Broadway stage for a normal photograph. When I got home and finally found my face again I decided I just like me better without makeup.

      I’m a little nervous about getting the proofs. Looking okay in a two inch screen is a whole lot different than a 5 x 7 or worse. :/

  5. asraidevin says:

    LOL. i’ve read that you are supposed to where way more make-up for a photo shoot then you normally would. I can’t imagine what that would look like because I never wear make-up either

    I bet the results are better than you imagined. You’ll change your second career choice to model. 🙂

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