I Hate Mice

(Third stop on the blog tour is…actually two stops.  Debra Kristi and It’s All About Me)

Okay, back to the rodents…

Unless they’re my cute little ceramic Christmas decorations, or the kind that makes it possible for me to use my computer, I have no use for mice.  Well, I admit that Jerry’s little cousin, Tuffy Mouse, is adorable.  But that’s it.  That is it.

He’s cuter when he doesn’t talk…

Why do I hate mice?  I don’t know.  They just scare the heck out of me and if I never see one again it will be too soon.

We lived in a mouse-free apartment in town.  Until a major snowstorm hit.  I’m not sure why but after that there were always a few around.  Pretty sad when you make your kids stomp into the kitchen before you’ll walk into it (because I could hear them in the drawer under the oven).

That was also where I had one dart between my feet while standing in the kitchen (I discovered I really can dance that day).  Even worse, I felt one run across my foot while sitting at my desk one night.  That was an experience I’ll never forget.  People a few houses down the street probably remember it, too.  I never sat at my desk again without a pair of shoes on…this from a gal who used to love going barefoot.

After that I wound up getting a cat (even though it was forbidden in the lease…a lease that didn’t forbid mice, of course).  But Sam wasn’t the best mouse-catcher around, so enter Sophie.

Sophie is a stupid cat.  I love her, but she’s not very bright.  She would corner a mouse, bat it around the room a bit.  Swat it under the table…then run around to the other side of the table…and wonder where the little rodent disappeared to (I only know this through my daughter…I would be  too busy hiding in my bedroom).  Two cats who couldn’t rid my home of mice?  Seriously?

So, based on what other people told me, I was pretty nervous when making the move to the country.  There was no evidence of mice during the inspection…and I wanted to keep it that way.  Which is probably why I let my daughter con me into keeping three stray kittens that year.  Yes, we added Oreo, Lil Dude and Jasper to the household.  Yes, I spend a small fortune on cat food, litter, catnip, toys and pet meds, but it’s worth.  The house has remained mouse-free.

Until Sunday.

Jasper is a little escape artist.  If we don’t shut him in the bathroom when it’s time to take the dogs out, that little sucker will zoom out the front door…and sometimes it’s really hard to track him down.

He got out on Sunday.  But for a change, he zoomed back into the house almost immediately.

Because he wanted to play with the MOUSE he brought in with him.

After panic ensued…my daughter screaming and me knocking things down in my office in my haste to get as far off the floor as possible…the mouse is dead and safely out of the house.

Jasper is grounded.  Permanently.

I would be like the guy who jumped on the counter…only I’d be screaming.

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10 Responses to I Hate Mice

  1. JakiCheli says:

    But Kristy they have such cute little faces! but I don’t enjoy the little gifts they leave so we leave food for them as thanks and they disappear. And I’m not even sorry for them! I will be checking out the blog tour sites a little later. 🙂

    • I totally disagree, lol. I hate mice. Unless they’re ceramic or cartoons. I got a call while I was looking for the videos for this post last night and got a telephone call. I nearly jumped out of my skin when it rang…and I was only watching them on videos. Yuck. I hate, hate, HATE them. 🙂

      Have fun with the blogs. It’s very cool. 🙂

  2. Debra Kristi says:

    My cat used to catch mice and drag them back to the house as gifts. She would bring them back home alive to play with. Brought home this little hopping one once. Crazy little thing. My mom’s cat is alway kiling all kinds of things and leaving dead presents on the carpet for her – birds, bunnies, gophers, etc.

  3. Growing up, I had a cat – but it was born a barn cat and was a super mouser. But, as a young mom we had one apartment that was infested with mice. I had to clean every pot I took from cupboard before I could use it. Drove me insane. But, then we got a dog. No mice. Ever. Don’t think the dog’s ever had to catch one, but they just seem to choose other places to live.

  4. My little fur baby brought a mouse into the house – but she’s a canine!!! I HATE MICE. when I was house shopping, I was taking a second look at a beautiful house. I loved that place – it would have been perfect for me. Until I saw a mouse run under the deck. I went inside and got the realtor and my daughter and said “Let’s go”. and even though I was in a hurry, i didn’t buy that house. this one was mouse free for a year. then they found me. and voles.
    Ugly suckers…all of them.

    i’m not afraid of them – they are just disgusting dirty rodents who can go anywhere, eat anything and generally make my life a misery.

    • That’s too funny, Louise. I’m not sure what I’d have done if I’d seen any mouse droppings in this house. This was a ‘hurry up’ move, too (half a block was sold for a new business, and the apartment house happened to be smack in the middle of where the parking lot would be). I’m sorry the little rodents found you after you found a mouse-free house though. You are totally correct…they are dirty, disgusting things. I hated having to wash any dishes I wanted to use for fear something had been walking on them. Ew!

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