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Since I shared with you about the day it was taken, I thought I’d post the results here.  I would like to thank Connie Orr, owner of Impact Portrait Art Studio, for doing such a fabulous job.  The only way … Continue reading

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The Spanish Influenza Pandemic

Some of you may know that my new book, Enza, is a story that deals with the 1918/1919 influenza pandemic.  But I wonder how many people have ever actually heard of it.  I know I don’t remember the subject ever … Continue reading

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A New Career Possibility?

I hate having my picture taken.  I always have.  But I decided it was time to have a professional photograph done, so I set the appointment up.  And then I set up another for hair and makeup. Did I mention … Continue reading

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A couple of nights ago I realized that I had never just read Enza.  I’d spent more hours than I’ll ever be able to count researching it.  I loved every minute of writing it.  And, even with a few beta … Continue reading

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Just Too Cute Not To Share

  No I did not make my bed today.  In fact, I don’t even remember getting from my bed to the office…but obviously I had the presence of mind to fling the comforter over the pillows.  Anyway, I walked into … Continue reading

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Remember When, Part 4

And now for the final installment… “I know my grandchildren just fine.” Brett’s kids. Her brother was still the only member of her family that understood the choice she’d made. The only one she’d been able to maintain a close … Continue reading

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I Just Got The Most FANTASTIC Review!

Yes, it’s another Saturday post, but I just can’t help it this time!  I was reading a book on my Kindle and wanted to get an idea of how long it would be so I thought, why not go to … Continue reading

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Remember When, Part 3

That cup of coffee led to many more. Always on the sly because, although Evie had assured Jess that her parents would come around, they seemed to get angrier with each passing day. And she knew that they would never … Continue reading

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Remember When, Part 2

Nearly twenty-one at the time, Evie’s heart broke at the loss. But it was the agony it caused her parents that hurt the most. Especially when the judge, presiding over the civil case the Elliston’s brought against the driver of … Continue reading

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Remember When, Part 1

Last June I posted a short-story I wrote awhile back.   It’s long enough that I broke it down into four parts, and I’ll do the same this time. *** Evie stood, staring down at the fresh mound of dirt covering … Continue reading

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