Septic Tanks and Dental Work

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Septic tanks and dental work?!  In the same sentence???  Yup.  It’s just been that sort of a week, beginning last week when the septic tank issues started…again. 

The dental thing started weeks ago.  Actually sometime in January.  But we’ve already established the fact that when it comes to dentists, I’m a coward.  So, since the pain was only intermittent…usually more off than on…I put this appointment off.  In fact, I’d convinced myself at one point that it was the wisdom tooth I had pulled a month or two ago that was the problem. I’d just had this tooth filled last September, so it must have been something to do with the other.

Only it wasn’t.

Yet I put off making an appointment, sucking down ibuprofen like candy and using Maximum Strength Ambesol like crazy.  Even when hot and cold foods sent the pain through the ceiling, and it was affecting my sleep, which I don’t need any help with, thank you very much.  Four and a half years of insomnia means I don’t get nearly enough…ever.

So anyway, I made an appointment for this morning (well, Thursday morning), woke up after four and a half hours and sat at my desk trying to stay calm.  And then the receptionist called and said they had a cancellation.  Could I get there right away.  You betcha.  Might as well get it over as quickly as possible.

Sure enough, there was a tiny little cavity under the filling.  How a tiny little cavity can cause that much pain is beyond me, but there it was.

Of course me being me, the one shot that would work for the vast majority of other dental patients couldn’t possibly work for me.  So she gave me one in the  back of my mouth…where the upper and lower jaws meet.  The one that numbs the whole half of your face.  And that didn’t work.  So she gave me another one on the other side of my mouth.  Finally.  Only three shots this time.  It sure beat the seven and eight I received at the last two appointments.

There was one little problem though.  With shots on both sides of my mouth, my bottom lip was completely numb.  The whole lip.  The assistant approached  me at the counter when I was paying the bill and asked me to smile (she’d forgotten to write down something).

Smile?  Seriously?  I tried but I’m not sure my lip moved at all.

When I got home I discovered that I couldn’t really talk.  Well Icould.  I just sounded like I’d had about forty bottles of whiskey.  I also found that I didn’t dare try to eat…if I wanted to avoid biting my tongue in half.  And when I found myself holding a finger under my lower lip to make sure the water didn’t run out of my mouth as fast as I was trying to drink it, I just gave up and took a nap.

All in all I think I deserve a vacation.  That or a good laugh.

There are some great clips of The Carol Burnette Show on YouTube.  I’ve watched it in reruns, and wish there were live variety shows like this today.  It would be a riot.

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