Okay, I Got Nuthin

Thanks to a couple of days of computer problems, specifically a suddenly deceased modem…and the fact that the new one, which must have been designed in an asylum for the criminally insane, I’ve spent way too much time on the phone with tech support people.  Very nice and pleasant tech support people, but tech support people who should probably be mopping floors at McDonald’s.

So, rather than make another call today, I postponed it…and went on strike.  Yeah, I still have to call again tomorrow, but I really needed a break…before I broke something.  Therefore, I’m just posting a video about tech support.  The shoe is on the other foot in this video, with a frustrated ‘technician.’   I wish he hadn’t flipped his mic off a couple of times, but other than that, it’s pretty funny.

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9 Responses to Okay, I Got Nuthin

  1. Ugg, I know the feeling. When my laptop crashed (I don’t own a desktop), and I had to get it fixed, trying to get any sort of answers out of the people I called for the warranty made me want to cry.

  2. I work for a huge company (100,000 staff) and believe me our IT department makes this guy look good. it is so frustrating to try to get them to do something when they don’t understand.

    • LOL. This guy was actually good…it just had to be in step-by-step order. I assume they expect most people to be completely computer illiterate, and I’m not. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know my way around it some.

      Maybe it was one of your tech support people I got hold of the other night. He had me do the same exact thing…four times. The only problem was, he never had me make a single change…which means the outcome was the same every time….NOT results. He ended the call by telling me I needed to contact the company that provides the little wireless things the kids have to use on their computers in order to connect to the internet.

      Yeah, not! One of his co-workers solved part of the problem in about fifteen minutes. My daughter’s laptop is online…but I’m still dragging my feet about calling for the desktops. Gotta do that tomorrow for sure. My son was about ready to spit bullets tonight because I hadn’t made the next call yet. 🙂

  3. asraidevin says:

    My husband worked at cell phone call center for 2 years. If the person was annoying he would tell people to push a series of buttons ending with “end call” button or he would have them remove their battery to get a number from inside the phone.

    It’s frustrating to call tech support when you know what you are doing, because they aren’t equipped to deal with people who know what they are doing. I always get in trouble because I’m not using their approved programs like Outlook.

    Great video. 🙂

    • Your husband sounds like a riot, Asrai! It would be fun to record calls like that…especially if the caller actually took the batteries out of their phone! LOLOL!!!

      And yes! It is VERY frustrating. While I’m not a computer expert, I know more than the average person does. I remember calling tech support about something a few years ago.

      Let me clarify now that I LOVE accents…but NOT when I’m calling for technical problems. It usually means there’s going to be some sort of language barrier. You don’t dare say anything like uh-huh, got it, etc… You say ‘yes,’ you say ‘correct,’ or ‘I understand.’ (I assume because the step-by-step books they have to use don’t include slang, lol).

      Anyway, this particular person told me I needed to get to the control panel. By the time he finished saying, “Now please click on the start button on the lower left corner of your screen,” I was already there. In fact, I’d opened the file I knew I needed to be in….and I told him so.

      His response, “Now look in the list and when you find Control Panel, please click on it.” But….I’m already there…. “Now when your Control Panel opens, please locate the ____ (can’t remember what it was) icon and double click on it.”

      I gave up at that point and just let him recite what ever was in the manual….

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