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Over the past several months I’ve read numerous blog posts, as well as an entire book…all on the subject of what authors should be charging for digital books.  And I suppose, as with most everything in my life, I tend … Continue reading

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13 Things I Learned From My Mother

I’ve been thinking about growing up, and the way my life has changed since becoming a mother.  And as the memories roll by, I remember how I couldn’t wait to get out on my own.  How I would do things … Continue reading

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Enza…Free Today

If you’ve been thinking about reading Enza, today would be a great day to get your copy.   Digital copies are freetoday on

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A Season Finale That Disappoints

***SPOILER ALERT*** I always hate the season finale of any series I enjoy (though it beats series finales all to pieces).  Usually I’m a little bummed because I only watch a handful of programs, which means that’s one less hour … Continue reading

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Okay, I Got Nuthin

Thanks to a couple of days of computer problems, specifically a suddenly deceased modem…and the fact that the new one, which must have been designed in an asylum for the criminally insane, I’ve spent way too much time on the … Continue reading

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I LOVE The Avengers!

And in case I didn’t make myself clear enough, LOVE The Avengers!!!  (Yes, now that I’ve realized there are colors here, I’m going to have to play with them sometimes) My daughter and I went to the theater tonight and, … Continue reading

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Septic Tanks and Dental Work

The final stop on Enza’s blog tour is over at JakiCheli’s blog, with an interview and review.  Please stop by and see what she has to say…and remember, it’s the final chance to comment and have your name put in … Continue reading

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Enza Blog Tour, Day 11

Today’s stop on the tour is…actually two again.  The first one is over at My Devotional Thoughts.  Next is Ramblings of an Amateur Writer.  If you have some time, you might stop by to check things out and to tell … Continue reading

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A Reblog from Debra Kristi…and Day 10 on the Enza Blog Tour

I hope you’ll stop by Donna’s blog, My Life.  One Story At A Time.  She’s already posted a very lovely review. Now, because I’d like to help the MANday cause, and see what kind of abs CJ West will be … Continue reading

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Marvel Superheroes and MANday Covers? Your Help is Needed

Because I always enjoy looking at sexy, shirtless guys… 🙂

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