Sunday Update (6/3/12)

Yes, I know.  After all of my big talk about plans and updates, I didn’t post one last week.  There is a really good reason for that though.  A serious case of insomnia reared its ugly head.  At one point I’d gotten roughly nine hours sleep out of eighty-four.  I was, literally, a zombie for a couple of weeks.

So anyway, now that I’m getting that under control (sort of), I’m back at the editing.  So far I’ve used the Ctrl/f to check that I’ve used there, their, they’re, and  two (still have to do to/too, hour/our and a few others).  Even though it’s easier than trying to spot them during a read-through, it’s still boring and time consuming.  I also made sure all of the chapter headings were in caps and that all of those and the page breaks were centered.  And I think I’ve been successful at changing it so I have the first line thing set at two throughout the entire manuscript.

After I finish the Ctrl/f to make sure all of the most common homonyms are in order, I’ll start the ‘real’ editing, and checking out all the red, green and blue lines.

That’s my favorite part.  I love seeing what grammar check advises me to do with the words and phrases it has a problem with.  For instance, in this sentence,  “Well blow out the candles…,” ‘blow’ is blue-lined.  Not entirely sure how that could be wrong, I looked and grammar check suggested I change it to, “Well below out the candles…”




Obviously I’ll never agree with that sort of suggestion…but it’s always good for a chuckle.  I’m not sure who programmed that feature, but I’m guessing they never passed an English course.

Have you even laughed out loud when your writing program makes suggestions like changing blow to below?

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5 Responses to Sunday Update (6/3/12)

  1. I like the grammar check because it makes me read what isn’t underlined more carefully. i may or may not agree with the underlined bits, but it helps me focus. and that seems to be a big deal lately.

    • I know what you mean, Louise. Some of the underlined things are frustrating because they’re correct. But it does draw your attention and make you really read those sentences more carefully.

      By the way, it took me until a few minutes ago to work up the courage to try that radish/V8/hot sauce/cayenne concoction. It’s not delicious by a long shot, but it’s not horrid either. I used about 3 ounces of the V8 (cause I just wanted to get it down), a few drops of the hot sauce and 2 good ‘shakes’ of cayenne pepper. It WAS a bit warm, but not horribly so. I’ll let you know if it makes any difference. Now I’m off to get a bag of apples because I’d like to try a juice that tastes a little better. 🙂

  2. Debra Kristi says:

    I think you know how I feel about this. After all, you were on-line with me when it google made a rather odd recommendation. LOL. Oh, for instance it wants to change on-line to in-line right now. 😀

    • LOL…I’ve got to remember to get Ginger. I do have a question about that though. I know you’ve had some computer problems with a couple of different machines. Is there any way you can trace it to downloading Ginger? When you first mentioned it, I didn’t realize you had it so I did what I always do and started looking around. A few people claim that it fouled up their computer…and the problems weren’t resolved until they uninstalled it. I’m just curious because I really would like the program. 🙂

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