And I’d Like To Thank The Acadamy…

Okay, okay.  So I didn’t win an Academy Award.  But thanks to Emma Meade, over at Emma’s Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction, I have won the Kreative Blogger Award.

In all my life I’d never have dreamed that someone from Ireland would read and enjoy my blog, so I’m doubly honored.  In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love Ireland!

Okay, so there are some rules that come with this award and they are…

Thank my nominator, provide a link to her blog, list 7 things readers might find interesting about me, and nominate 7 others.

So, thank you, Emma!  This is such an honor.  I’ll try to get out this afternoon to shop for a dress.  Should I hire a professional makeup artist?  How many photographers do you think will be present?  (kidding!)

Seven things, hmm?  Do they have to be interesting?

1.  When I was a teenager, I punched my fist through the window on a door when a former friend slammed it in my face during an argument.  Even though my arm and hand were dripping with blood, I only have one tiny scar from my first (and last) window breaking experience.

2.  (Seven???!!!)  Have I mentioned that I kissed Tony Orlando on a dare?  Yup.  Smack on the lips.

3.  Have I also mentioned that the hair stylist my daughter and I go to knows someone who knows someone who went to school with Taylor Lautner?  OMGosh!  That almost makes him family!

4.  In 9th grade I was chosen as one of the four most promising authors in our school (and it was a large school).  The four of us got to ‘skip’ a day so we could go with the creative writing teacher to an all-day conference to meet ‘real’ authors and have our work critiqued.  It was quite an honor.

5.  I have have come close to dying on no less than four occasions.  One near head-on collision when I was about ten (and I mean both cars coming within a couple of inches-at 70 mph), one high speed accident four years ago, a near drowning at seven, and one very high risk pregnancy.

6.  I lived in both California and Florida.  Unfortunately it was well before I turned four so I have no memory of either state.

7.  I once made a little Christmas village entirely out of toothpicks.  Can we say way too much time on my hands that year?

It’s funny but my life doesn’t seem boring…until I try to come up with a few interesting things about me.

Now for my nominations…

Collin Falconer tops this list.  His blog, Looking for Mr Goodstory, is always well researched, informative…and almost always makes me laugh.

Louise Behiel, at Journey of a Thousand Miles, is just…  I don’t even know what I can say here.  Except that I learn so much from her insight into the human mind.  It’s amazing!

Jenny Bean is next on my list.  The first time I visited her blog, ‘the madcap adventures of a single woman who went to the bank to become a mommy,’ I literally giggled off and on for days after reading about a telephone call from a police officer…asking her to make her grandma stop calling them.  When I can’t sleep, her blog is my first choice for entertainment.

Jaki Cheli just started blogging in January…and celebrated her 77th birthday on May 31 so she’s definitely making this short list.  That alone is worthy of an award!

Now Samantha Uzair, at So Weird Sam, is a young lady I’ve come to know through Facebook.  She started blogging in April (one post so far, Sam…get busy!).  I’m nominating her because of all the work she does with rescue animals.  I will always support someone who takes care of pets that others don’t want or mistreat.  She also likes the BSB’s…yay, Sam!

Natalie Hartford, over at Life Out Loud, has got to go on this list, too.  Like Jenny Bean, she cracks me up.  She’s also very involved in the fight against impaired driving…a cause I support 100%.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Backwoods Mom, ‘alaska…a bazillion kids…bears…moose…me.’  Biological kids, adopted kids, helping her husband build a house in the wilderness…  Check out this very interesting and entertaining blog.

Eye of the tiger, fellow bloggers, eye of the tiger.  

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