Taste The Rainbow!

No, I don’t know why…but this just cracks me up.

On another note…what did I accomplish from my goals list this week?  Not much.  So I’m just going to watch the video a few more times and laugh.

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14 Responses to Taste The Rainbow!

  1. Why you no wear a costume this year? That part slayed me.

    So, what I’m getting here is we’re all hitting a bit of burn out and are tired. Hmmm, my plan is to drink more water and eat more chocolate.

    Hope everyone gets good sleep and dreams of red Skittles. Taste the rainbow!

    • LOL…I loved that part, too. But I keep replaying the end…from melts in your mouth…to “No, you idiot! Taste the rainbow!” For some reason it’s still making me laugh today.

      Water and chocolate? Sounds like a plan to me. I might throw in some Vernor’s (ginger ale), too.

      Oh wow…dreams about Skittles. Hmm. As long as Robert Downey Jr. is there, too. 🙂

  2. Emma says:

    Sometimes you just have to take a breather and relax and laugh.

  3. Debra Kristi says:

    😀 I’m with Asrai. I think a lot of us may have hit burn out. Hubs say I should step back and take a week or more away from it all to clear my head and let thinks start to flow right again. It’s gotten all bundled up and it’s a mess now. Too much going on and I don’t think I work at my best this way. Hmm. I told him that’s why I am trying the new easy direction on the blog. If it doesn’t work, I guess stepping back is next. Lately, all my body wants to do is sleep. What does that say? LOL.

    • I hit it in December…and it’s been an uphill climb to find a new ‘normal’ since then. Still working toward that goal. I think you could probably get away with IM’s and Thor Wednesdays and call it good for the summer. And if it doesn’t help, take a week or more off.

      It’s just my opinion but I think most of us in the workshop must have misunderstood something. We were all (or most of us) didn’t have a clue which way was up when we started all of this. And so we threw ourselves into this whole social networking thing, 200%. Yes, we’re all burned out. Social networking/blogging seems to be a full time job. And then we toss in the mommy stuff, housework, laundry and shopping… The writing becomes a thing of the past, we have no time to catch our breath. It’s just hard and sometimes we need a break.

      Most people working regular jobs get weekends off. Let’s take a poll here. How many of us turn our computers off at five on Friday…and leave it off until Monday morning? How many of us completely ignore our blogs, FB and Twitter during that time? And how many of us stop writing EVERYTHING? I mean blogs and in our WIP’s? I’m guessing not many. In fact, I’d venture to say not even one of us.

      Didn’t most of us begin this journey last year? That’s a long time. We’re not robots. Our health requires a certain amount of down time. So sleep, Debra. Nap, lounge around, take it easy. You’ll be glad you did. And maybe, while you’re taking care of yourself, you might suddenly realize how to make it all work…without having to work 20 hours a day. (and when you do, let me know how because I haven’t figured it out yet!) 🙂

  4. asraidevin says:

    The hardships of being a candy mascot. LOL

    • asraidevin says:

      Oh and you are not alone in the lack of goal accomplishment. I’m a bit burnt out, so I’m just doing shit that makes me happy until I get my mojo back. And trying to get more sleep, hope are you getting more sleep as well.

      • I’m sorry you’re not getting enough sleep, Asrai. It depends on the day for me. I’m finding when I get to the pool, I sleep better those nights. Thanks to my monthly visitor, I haven’t been since Monday…and am SO looking forward to tomorrow. Most of what I deal with is because of my thyroid…and I’m REALLY hoping for a boost in my prescription on Wednesday. If that could be gotten under control, most of my goals could be met. LOL…helps to be awake and alert when you’re trying to write. 🙂

    • I know, LOL. Yesterday I might not have even smiled at it, but tonight it makes me laugh every time I watch it (which has been WAY too many times!).

  5. JakiCheli says:

    look like an M&M to me 🙂

  6. too cute. thx for the laugh.

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