Stepping Into Some Hot Water…

I can’t get into video games.  Perhaps my reflexes aren’t what they need to be, or the games just don’t interest me.  I’m guessing it’s  a combination of both, but mostly due to the latter.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy games, but usually they have to be along the lines of Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, and Mah Jongg Dark 3D over at MyYearbook (recently changed to MeetMe).

When I’m bored, I can spend way too much time playing Mah Jongg, but even that gets old after a few games, so I sometimes find myself scrolling through the message board on Yearbook (sorry, I’ll never get used to MeetMe).  I can usually count on finding a funny joke or two, but all too often I find my jaw dropping.  No offense to anyone but…

Why is it some women have so little respect for themselves that they’ll post pictures that could almost qualify as porn?!

Every time I see one, I start feeling really old, because every time I see one I want to scream, “There’s more to you than your breasts!  And if the only guys you can attract can only be attracted by pictures like that, they’re not worth having!” 

My daughter and I discuss topics like this on a fairly regular basis.  I tend to be a little conservative in my expectations regarding her wardrobe.  I’m not saying she should dress like a nun, but neither do I think she should dress with an emphasis on certain parts of her body.  Not that she’s bad about that (much), but I do make a point of drawing attention to girls who seem to be ‘advertising.’  Especially when creepy older guys are the ones taking notice.

You know the guys I mean, too.  They give you the willies just looking at them.  And there they are, ogling these young, half-dressed girls.  Even the not-so-young, because there are plenty of attractive women in their 30’s and 40’s who are ‘showing off,’ too.

But it’s the young girls that worry me the most.  Of course Hollywood doesn’t help matters.  When I see some of the celebrities these kids look up to, I’m just stunned.  These singers and actresses don’t seem to have a clue about the impact they have on their fans.

Am I the only person who remembers a time when women didn’t want to been seen as just ‘sex objects?’  Because it doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago.  Now it’s like that’s all they want to be seen as.  And it really scares me.  I mean when I’m shopping and see sexy clothes for grade schoolers??!!  Are you kidding me?!

Girls (and ladies), some guys aren’t into that.  The guys worth having, anyway.  Check out this post at Backwoods Mom…if you want an opinion from a nice looking young man.

So tell me, am I being a prude?  In some ways, I’m sure that I am.  On the other hand, I see too many news stories that make me wish girls took their safety seriously.  That important issue aside, though, I just wish they’d respect themselves more.  (Yeah, I know.  I didn’t just step into hot water here…I dove in…)

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11 Responses to Stepping Into Some Hot Water…

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  2. Debra Kristi says:

    I agree with what everyone is saying. How can anyone feel comfortable dressing like that knowing that any little move might have them popping out at any moment. It’s not right and I don’t understand it.

    • Yeah, I don’t need to see any popping out. I have to stare at the floor enough when I’m in the locker room at the pool, thanks (some women are a whole lot more comfortable walking around naked in public places than I am, LOL).

      When I was fifteen I wore a halter top that some people thought was obscene. It makes me laugh now because compared to what girls are wearing today, it was VERY conservative. Between the barely there tops, and skirts so short you wouldn’t dare to lean forward even a little…yeah, nothing to the imagination anymore. 🙁

  3. My daughter doesn’t wear trashy clothes…just low cut jeans and T-shirts that I think need to be a lot longer than they are. Technically she’s a lot more conservative than most girls….just not enough to make me happy, lol.

    But I agree with you on the husbands and boyfriends. At least the ones who are real men. But too many women and girls are dressing for the guys who aren’t worth having. And it is sad. Beauty really is only skin deep…and that goes for both sexes.

  4. I think it’s possible to be sexy AND classy. I agree, girls and women don’t need to show all their assets and I think men like them covered up because it gives them something to guess at or look forward to (I’m thinking here of boyfriends and husbands, not pervs who are up to no good).

    I never had to deal with trashy clothes for my daughter thank goodness, but I did see plenty of girls at her high school that made me wonder why they felt the need to dress so provocatively. Kind of makes me sad that they think that is the way to snag a man.

  5. I don’t think you’re being a prude at all. In fact, my husband has told me more than once that one of the things that drew him to me and that he loves about me is that I dress “classy.” I take care to find clothes that fit me well and that I look good in, but that don’t make me look like a…well, you know. (I’ll spare you his language since he was in the Marine Corps.) I think the message girls are getting from the media today is that you can’t be attractive to men unless you flash all your assets, and that’s just not true.

    • Yes, I can imagine the language a Marine would use…unfortunately your husband choice of words is probably spot on. When I was growing up, and it wasn’t THAT long ago, they’re probably the same words you’d have heard regarding styles like we see today.

      I’ve said for a while now that all of the good and unique styles were used before 1990, and all that’s left are things that would have had us laughed out of school. Or branded as….a word a Marine might use.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if these girls would figure out that their most attractive assets are those that can’t be seen?

  6. i don’t think you’re a prude but I do think things are changing. my parents didn’t pay much attention to fashion and style but my dad went ballistic over the beatles’ hair cuts. i’ll never forget his rant. Now the cycle has gone full circle and we’re back to uber short hair for men. it will be interesting to see if this more revealing look will circle around as well.

    I saw a beautiful young woman last summer walking toward me, wearing jeans. long legs, great body everything looked great. then she walked past me and I saw her from the rear. I did a double take. She had but the seat out of her jeans and had her cheeks hanging out. her thong was beneath the waist band of her jeans and between…well you know what i mean. no undies to be seen. and her cheeks just sat there…LOLOLOL OMG. can you imagine sitting on a fairground ride like that? Or a seat in the food fair? LOL too funny.

    • Ewwwwww!!!! Oh yuck! WHY would someone want to walk around like that, LOLOL?! Sure hope that style doesn’t catch on here! Can you imagine sitting on a chair or a ride AFTER she sat there? Gross!

      But that’s just another reason why current styles worry me. It’s like girls and women see themselves as sex objects…and too many guys are taking them up on that offer…whether they’re willing or not. I hope these styles do circle back around to a more conservative look. 🙁

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