What to Expect When You’re Expecting Was Better Than I Expected

I know I usually don’t do movie reviews…in fact, the only one I can remember being enthused enough to write about (in a comment) was We Bought a Zoo.  However, my daughter and I went to see What to Expect When You’re Expecting this week, and it deserves a mention.

It’s just been one of those weeks.  The weather has been miserably hot, I was bored…and popcorn sounded good.  Even though the ratings weren’t all that great. It’s a chick flick…they never get good ratings.  Except The Proposal, and that will always be, in my opinion, the best one ever.

Frankly I’m not a big Cameron Diaz fan, and her character didn’t add much to the story (in my opinion).  Jennifer Lopez did better, but I’ve seen that same character in most of her other movies.  Dennis Quaid was a bit obnoxious throughout most of the movie-so much so that I wished his son would slug him.  He did, however, redeem himself a little at the end.  His trophy wife (played by Brooklyn Decker) was good, though.  Anna Kendrick (she’s a better actress than Kristen Stewart…really enjoyed her in 50/50) and Chace Crawford needed more screen time.  All the guys in the Dudes Group?  They were great!


The best scenes in the movie were any that included Ben Falcone, Elizabeth Banks, and Rebel Wilson.  OMGosh!  They were fantastic!  I laughed so hard and so long at one point, I had tears in my eyes, and my throat hurt.  It could have been embarrassing, except everyone in the theater was doing the same thing.  That woman did not enjoy being pregnant!

My daughter and I both left theater in complete agreement…we’re buying it when it comes out on DVD.

No, it won’t win an award of any kind.  There’s a whole list of movies that are  better than this one was…but I’m still glad I spent the time and money to go see it. Any time I walk out of a theater still smiling, it was worth it.

I have to say that, watching the trailer, What to Expect When You’re Expecting looks pretty boring.  It’s not.

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