Mosquitoes on Steroids

Last summer I addressed the mosquito problem in another blog.  This year, while they’re not quite as abundant, Michigan’s state bird seems to have grown.  Dramatically.  As I was killing one of the little monsters last night, it actually scared me.  I was afraid there would be so much blood on my desk that it would look like a crime scene.

Okay, so I’m exaggerating about the crime scene thing…but not about the size.  It was huge!  I’m pretty sure if it had landed on me, I would have easily been relieved of a pint of plasma.

It’s making me wonder if the Red Cross hasn’t been doing some genetic engineering on them.  I mean, mobile, unmanned blood banks would certainly be more cost effective than locating volunteer sites, gassing up that big truck, and hiring a bunch of nurses .  They wouldn’t even have to depend on willing donors anymore.  Just send out the new army of bloodsuckers and there would never be a shortage again.

Be warned.  The guy swears once.  I don’t actually blame him though.

I want one of these.  Not for the reason this guy is using it.  Unless I take it to the pig roast my brothers have every August.  With all the beer consumed that night, I’m sure I could get some good footage for YouTube.

Yes!  I can buy a hand-held bug zapper on Amazon.  They’re not expensive either.  I’ll get two.  One for murdering mosquitoes…and one for entertainment purposes.  Guys, alcohol, and a bug zapper.  What better combination could you ever hope to find?

Oh man!  It would make for an interesting reunion game, too….

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