There’s a Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

I know I said I was cutting my posts back to twice a week, and possibly once…but it looks like the once-a-week thing is about to become a reality.  With a fast draft workshop starting on July 7th, I’m hoping that will consume a lot of my time.  If things go as planned, I’ll have the first draft of the Enza sequel finished in the next few weeks.

So, Wednesday will be the final installment of What in the World?! (which I hope will be as much fun for everyone to read as it was for me to to write)

From here on out, new posts will be available on Fridays, and I’ll be unveiling a new theme on July 6th.  Hope to see you here!

Wow.  There are just no words to express how much the lyrics to this song touched me.  Songwriting at its best…

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