Okay…I Can’t Stand It Anymore!

For months all I wanted was more time. So I figured that focusing my blog, and dropping my posts down to once a week would work.

It’s not working!

Yes, it’s giving me more time…but I’m not enjoying that time as much as I thought I would. And frankly, I miss writing about anything that strikes my fancy. I’m so used to posting three times a week that I’ve felt a little lost the past few weeks. It doesn’t feel right.

No, I’m not going to stop writing my Friday series…because I’m enjoying it too much. But at least one extra day a week, I’m going to post about whatever else I want.

So now I’m going to share a video my daughter found tonight. I’ve watched it probably a dozen times now…and it still makes me grin. I just LOVE how the audience goes wild!

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