The Five Best Romantic Songs of All Time?

So, I’m seeing a bit of an improvement in the whole insomnia episode, but not enough to feel like writing a new post. That being the case, I’m going to let music speak for me this week. The only problem is, I like all of these songs so much that it’s tough to put them in fair order. Except the number one spot, and that one will probably always be number one…in my opinion.

I’m drawing straws for the other four…

In 5th place…



2nd place…(and it bumped REO Speedwagon back a spot…because I’d forgotten all about it when I wrote The Beat Goes On – or I’d have had to do a top four)

And now for 1st place…

What songs have special meaning for you and your Romeo or Juliet? Your mission this week, should you choose to accept it (cue Mission Impossible theme song)…

…is for both of you to spend some time this weekend building a playlist, then burning a CD or two? You can keep them handy for romantic, stay-at-home date nights.

Come on. Make me proud while I try to catch up on some sleep. 🙂


See you next week for a new tip.


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If you think that any of the suggested tips are a good fit for you, and you decide to give them a try, I’d love to know if you got the results you hoped for.  Although I can’t guarantee you’ll get any results, most people respond well to sweetness, consideration and attention.  Just remember, you will need to exercise some patience, and be consistent.  Anything worth having usually requires effort.

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9 Responses to The Five Best Romantic Songs of All Time?

  1. Thanks for sharing your songs, Kristy. I had never heard the Randy Travis one and Beautiful In Your Eyes. The Matchbox Twenty song was my favorite of your five.
    In my top 5 list would be Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do, Sia’s My Love, GooGoo Dolls’ Iris, Extreme’s More Than Words and Guns’n’Roses’ November Rain.

  2. Debra Kristi says:

    The country song doesn’t really work for me. But I like the Matchbox Twenty.I mostly go for the new tunes. Hubby likes the classic songs so we aren’t always on the same wavelength, but here’s our special number that sums up our relationship…

  3. Randy’s song is a good one. what a tragedy his life has become. poor thing.

    • That’s definitely one of my favorites. And it is a shame. I think everyone thought he was nuts when he married his manager, but maybe she is what kept him grounded…because he never acted like this when he was with her. Sure hope he gets his life straightened out soon. It’s very sad to see where he’s heading. 🙁

  4. Oh man, you went old school on me! Hmmm, I love that Matchbox Twenty song, some others that put me in the mood to write sappy love stories are Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, The Cure’s Pictures of You, A Thousand Years from the Twilight soundtrack (I think it’s Christina Peri, don’t quote me on that), David Cook’s Come Back To Me, Evanescence ~ Bring Me To Life, Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse, and a few others I have on my playlist. For getting romantic? Classical music all the way. No words, just sound and touch. 😉

    • I’m going to have to listen to some of those songs, Tameri. I’ve probably heard most of them…but they’re not ringing any bells. My daughter and I used to like all of the same music..across the board…but after the BSB’s and ‘Nsync, she started listening to a lot of stuff I didn’t care for. So I’m stuck in the 90’s, I guess. Mostly because she’s like a guy with a television remote when she gets near a radio. 🙂

  5. Emma says:

    I love Matchbox Twenty.
    “Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” and “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” are on my iPod.

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