Plastic is NOT a Good Look for Me

It’s not very comfortable either.

***Just a quick heads-up here. If you’re not into being frugal, prefer alternatives to chemical-laden products, or have an allergy, this might bore you to tears. ***

Some of you may have read that I’ve been using Borax (20 Mule Team) to wash my hair. Yup. Since late June or early July. Why? Because every shampoo I’d used for a long time…including baby shampoo…made my head itch. So after some research, it seemed like this might be worth a shot.

I dissolved about a quarter of a cup of the powder in twenty ounces of water (that was way too much powder…half that amount works fine). It’s kind of a pain until you get used to it, because shampoo is thick…and this is like pouring a glass of water over your hair. You need to pour slowly, and scrub it in fast. It surprised me to find that it lathers up quite nicely.

It has also made my hair softer, and shinier, than it’s been in ages. Best of all, it took care of the issue with itching.

There have been a couple of problems though. Just because it’s softer, doesn’t mean it’s as soft as it is when I use a flat iron (which I hate). There’s also the fact that without the residue from commercial hair products, it’s hard to comb out wet hair out. It just all wants to clump together, and given that my hair is fairly long, it’s a major pain.

So it was back to Google last night.

Coconut oil might be the answer to my problem. After putting it off most of the day, I bit the bullet, massaged it into my scalp, and all the way down to the ends.

And I’ve been sitting here with all my coco-nutty hair shoved up inside a 4 gallon bag…for three and a half hours now.

Either I look worse than I think I do on average days, or my son just hasn’t noticed the BAG on my head every time he’s been out here this evening. And that’s been many times.


Okay, so it’s half an hour later. I’ve washed my hair. Twice. One of those times was with dish soap (because I kind of panicked).

I’m going to think positively, and just assume my hair feels like this because the coconut oil did what it was supposed to do. If I’m wrong, and it wouldn’t surprise me at this point, I may need to wash it forty or fifty more times.

I’ll touch base again in a while. During this intermission from my oh-so-exciting night, please enjoy one of my favorite skaters of all time…Mr. Scott Hamilton. Not only is he the best skater ever, this is an especially entertaining routine.

So… I left the towel on for maybe fifteen minutes. Was it easier to brush it out? Maybe slightly, but it still wasn’t pleasant (researching how to make a natural detangler).

Now I guess I’m just going to wait until it dries to see what I wind up with. That will take a few hours…unless I go for a ride with the windows of the van down. We’ll see how paranoid I get – because right now I have visions of my hair looking like rinsed it in Crisco…


So I tried a short drive into town, and around town, and back home again. But it was too chilly (yahoo!!!!) for much drying action. So here I sit, four hours later. Most of my hair is dry. In some ways I think it’s softer, but clearly the dish soap stripped something important away, because it’s also frizzier than it’s been in months.

A tiny bit of coconut oil…I’m I’m talking maybe a quarter of a teaspoon…rubbed on my hands and worked through my hair…has worked wonders though.

I’d like to say that I now know how I’m going to deal with my problematic hair. But I can’t. I do know, however, that I’ll continue to use the Borax, and the coconut oil (only I’m going to have to play around with this to figure out how  it will work the best).

I will not be using dish soap again. I don’t care if I have to wash half a dozen times with Borax after an evening with the glopped on oil and plastic bag.

Final thoughts? While much of this is trial and error, I’m rather enjoying finding ways to eliminate some of the chemicals and preservatives in my life.

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