Those Who Can’t, Watch

And I can’t, so I watch. Skating, that is. Oh I used to be able to manage the basics. As in very basic. When I was a kid. And wiping out because I’d tripped over the air on the rinks didn’t bother me that much.

But at some point you learn that ice is never going to get any softer, and you’re never going to learn to be graceful…so it’s just better to just admire those who are.

This is, without question, one of the coolest skating routines I’ve ever seen.

Another huge favorite of mine, Kurt Browning, is worth watching just to see him in the shiny pants and shirt. And he so deserved that perfect score!

Torvill and Dean are a couple of great entertainers, and this fun routine is…well…fun.

YES! This video is SO hard to find anymore. Sometimes I wish I was Katerina Witt…just so I could wear this outfit…and look that good in it.  I wouldn’t mind being able to skate like she does either.  🙂

Okay. so it won’t let me post the video. You’ll have to click here to see it.

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14 Responses to Those Who Can’t, Watch

  1. I love watching it. Mostly because…well for too many reasons to list. They’re just such strong, talented people. And they look so beautiful on the ice. And yes, they did do away with compulsories. Now if they’d just do away with some of the judges. 🙂

  2. mj monaghan says:

    I do like to watch figure skating. It’s such a precise sport. Didn’t they do away with the “compulsories?”

  3. Debra Kristi says:

    I used to skate way back in the day. A bad landing and a twisted ankle changed my mind. It didn’t take much. I have more confidence now and would get back out there. Too bad I don’t have the body and agility I did then. Never have it all when you need it. My boyfriend at the time was into ice hockey and liked to stop by slamming into the walls. Boys. I wanted to trade skates with him and give him a pair with a toe pick. *Toe Pick* 😉

    • LOL…toe pick! Those were always interesting…and could be a little scary. But slamming into walls…yeah. Guy thing. The only walls I ever slammed into (usually on roller skates) were walls I couldn’t avoid. However, walls were better than landing on the floor. 🙂

      I always wished I could be graceful on ice skates. The best I could manage was a version of Red Rover (I don’t remember what we called it, but we were teens…and it wasn’t that). I did better IN the line than I did breaking through the line. Probably because I didn’t have to move much. 🙂

  4. my girls did figure skating for one winter but that was enough for them – they wanted competition

  5. Emma says:

    I can’t wait to go ice-skating this Christmas when the rink opens up again.
    Love the film The Cutting Edge.
    Kristy, maybe you should treat yourself to an amazing ice-skating outfit! It might inspire you to get back on the rink 🙂

  6. asraidevin says:

    I did many years of figure skating as a child. In small town in Canada there are few options for extra curricular activities. Never really amounted to anything.

    I had such a crush on Kurt Browning.

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