Those Who Can’t, Watch

And I can’t, so I watch. Skating, that is. Oh I used to be able to manage the basics. As in very basic. When I was a kid. And wiping out because I’d tripped over the air on the rinks didn’t bother me that much.

But at some point you learn that ice is never going to get any softer, and you’re never going to learn to be graceful…so it’s just better to just admire those who are.

This is, without question, one of the coolest skating routines I’ve ever seen.

Another huge favorite of mine, Kurt Browning, is worth watching just to see him in the shiny pants and shirt. And he so deserved that perfect score!

Torvill and Dean are a couple of great entertainers, and this fun routine is…well…fun.

YES! This video is SO hard to find anymore. Sometimes I wish I was Katerina Witt…just so I could wear this outfit…and look that good in it.  I wouldn’t mind being able to skate like she does either.  🙂

Okay. so it won’t let me post the video. You’ll have to click here to see it.

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