Holy Hasenpfeffer, Batman! I Have ‘H!’

For reasons too numerous to get into, I tend to use the fence between weird and smart aleck as a balance beam. The only thing is, my mouth tends to get me into situations I could easily avoid…if I’d just learn to reach up and pinch my lips together. Well, in this case…since I typed my response, I’d have had to sit on my hands.

I was reading Jenny Hansen’s, The Titillating Tenacity of Tiny “T,” today and…dope that I am, said I’d ask for a letter, except I’d probably wind up with a Q, X, or Z. Because, when it comes to drawings, that’s pretty much the way my luck runs. If I’d thought about it, I could have taken a picture of the big, Big Bird yellow snack tray set I won in a raffle. A tray set that clashed with everything in my kitchen like a psychedelic nightmare.

For the record, I don’t find many of these amusing at all. I just couldn’t find anything else I liked to show falling off balance beams.

In a word, I really tumbled off that beam. Jenny kindly assigned me ‘H,’ and now I’ll be sharing with you ten words that begin with the eighth letter of our alphabet…and give you reasons why I like them.

1. Hankering. I just think it’s a nice redneck word that, when used at the right time, makes people look at you like you’re weird.  I mean really…who uses words like this these days? “I have a hankering to know if I dressed up in a Batman costume, and hung from a window obstructing justice, could I get arrested like the dope in Petoskey, Michigan.”

2. Harbinger. I like the idea of being one who pioneers or initiates a major change. I’ll continue to use this platform to bring attention to impaired driving and bullying whenever possible. And speaking bullying, Ginger Calem posted a great article on this subject yesterday!

3. Hangover. When I was younger and ‘stoopider,’ there were a number of occasions when I deserved a world class, award winning hangover. Fortunately I’ve never experienced that bit of fun. Even better, I learned some valuable lessons. Mostly because of my baby brother, who shall remain anonymous. So basically, I like the word hangover because I like the stories of him throwing up when he was younger and stoopider, too.

4. Happiness. I could say that happiness is what I feel when I consider that I’ve never had to hug a toilet because of a hangover. However, true as that may be, I think happiness is an elusive, rather deceptive word. Too many people think they should be happy all of the time, and that’s just not going to happen. I believe that we have moments of true happiness, and that when they occur, it’s because of something unutterably special. The kind of thing that makes for the best memories.

5. Halo. This is a particularly favorite word of mine. Pretty much because I’m an angel with no equal, and my halo is a sight to behold. Okay, okay. So I made it out of glow sticks. It’s still pretty.

6. Hula Hoop. I used to love Hula Hoops. Really, I did. I could keep that thing, and sometimes two, circling my waist and hips for as long as I wanted to…or until I got a stitch in my side. I especially liked the ones that had beads and made a cool noise when they spun around. Now I don’t like Hula Hoops so much. They are good exercise though. Mine spins about half a turn now, hits the floor, and I have to bend over to pick it up. It’s kind of a new way to do toe touches, I guess.

7. Hope. This one really doesn’t need an explanation, but I’ll give one anyway. Again, I’m just giving my opinion here, but I believe that if you’re going to have dreams, you’d better have a big dose of hope to to help make them come true. I like having the hope that all the things I truly want in life will happen someday.

8. Hair. I like having hair. I especially like having long hair. And I’m going to like it on Sunday, when I slather it up with coconut oil again, and sit in my office with a plastic bag over my head. Okay, so I don’t actually like that part. But I do like the fact that my son will come out and talk to me…several times…and somehow manage to NOT notice that his mother is sitting there with a plastic bag covering her hair. I figure he’s either finally learned some tact, or he just loves me no matter how weird he thinks I am.

9. Hamburger. I usually call it ground beef, but I got an ‘H’ instead of a ‘G’ or a ‘B,’ so I’m calling it hamburger.  Why do I like hamburger? Because. Because you can do so many things with it. When my kids are eating yummy, gluten-containing foods, I can fry a plain burger and have it with instant or baked potatoes.  While I’m drooling over the wet burritos I get to make…but not eat, I can have a plain burger. No, I’m pulling your leg. I have a few meals with gluten every month, so I’m not completely deprived.  😉

10. Herpes. Sorry. I was running out of words, so I thought I’d throw this one in for shock value.

Now, in case you were wondering (and you might well be), the definition of hasenpfeffer is highly spiced stew made from marinated rabbit meat. I just love that spell check suggested I replace hasenpfeffer with effervescent. Actually, I like effervescent better…cause the odds that I’ll eat Thumper are about as likely as my eating Bambi. Not happening.

Now if you’d like to be assigned a letter, let me know in the comments. Hopefully, unlike me, you’ll have gotten a little sleep before you write your post.


Yes, this is Friday. No I didn’t post any tips about romance. The insomnia monster is still in residence, and I may have to break down and take legal action to evict it.

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