Holy Smoke!

I can’t believe it! With forty-five minutes left in the day, I just noticed the date. Four years. Four years ago today, ‘Ed’ ran a stop light on the highway and totaled my van. For a while, I thought he’d totaled me, too, that my life would never be normal again.

Fortunately I’m a stubborn woman, worked my butt off…and earned my life back. To the extent that the ‘anniversary’ almost slipped by me this year. Maybe because I’ve been so busy for the past several days getting ready for the big birthday bash and bonfire for my mother this past Saturday. A bash that included cooking and baking, a fair amount of cleaning at the cabin, and way too many trips up and downhill from the fire pit to the cabin, tripping over zillions of walnuts in the dark.

Yes. I have a normal life again. During those early days, I couldn’t imagine that it would ever happen, but it did. And maybe next year October eighth will slide right by without me noticing at all.

I definitely feel like I went the distance…and it was worth everything it took to get here.  🙂

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