Think you are ok to drive after having a couple?

Reenactments are stories about something that really happened. And scenes like this one give me chills. Some things just can’t be taken back, no matter how sorry you are, and no matter how much it hurts. Best to just avoid the feelings of regret in the first place. Don’t let yourself become an impaired driver…no matter how okay you think you are.

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2 Responses to Think you are ok to drive after having a couple?

  1. Thanks soooo much for the fab support Kristy!!! You rock…HUGS!!!

    You are so right – some things can never be taken back! Think first!

    • Hugs, Natalie. And you know me. I’ll ALWAYS support this cause.

      I try to make my daughter very aware that she’s driving a weapon. Gawking, sight-seeing, and not giving 100% attention can result in tragedy…and no matter how sorry she might be if something happened, it’s something she’d always have to live with. I always try to remember that myself.

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